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Georgia on My Mind


I used to live in Georgia. There are a lot of things I miss about Georgia, and there are other things I don’t like about Georgia. That aside, Georgia has followed me everywhere I went for the past 2 years. How do I mean? Well, I wasn’t able to get my car officially registered with a California tag until last month… and I’ve lived here since May, 2008! I think the folks at the DMV had a crush on me and kept wanting me to come back. Really, that’s the only explanation considering I have been to the DMV at least once a month for the past six months.

When I finally did get my tag, I was lucky enough to be able to keep my GA license plate!!! It will be immortalized in my kitchen. 🙂

First I had a shadow box from a foregone project of month’s past, some left over bleached muslin in strips, and some spray adhesive. It started like this:

Perfect spot in my kitchen, which previously held some art from Jerusalem that I “like” but is not really my taste. I’ll find a different spot for that piece, but in the meantime, doesn’t my peach plate look purdy?!

In the shadow box I included the check for $1.00 I had to send to the Cobb County Tag Office, my number from waiting in line at the DMV and my car inspection.

On the other side are all my temporary tags I had to beg for. In all, getting a CA tag was a huge achievement, very difficult. Why not displace the fruits of my labors.

In other news, I’m painting my kitchen. I was inspired last week to paint the ceiling aqua (don’t ask why). I’ve finally nailed down my colors… whaddya think?

Ceiling: Martha Stewart’s Lagoon
Cabinets: Behr’s Luster White
Walls: Behr’s Silver Drop
Accessories: Whatever yellow kitchen stuff I can find. 🙂

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