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Phase 3 – Maintenance


I am finished with my diet. Woot! Now I am on maintenance (can now have dairy and eggs and nuts, and other delicious fats, oh my!), and decided to make a previous staple that is so near and dear to my lifestyle: Scrambled Eggs a la Julia Child. For six weeks I’ve been allowed to have nothing for breakfast except half a grapefruit and coffee. This way of thinking is anathema to me! I am a breakfast eater! I am a breakfast lover! I am a breakfast connoisseur! And now, my tummy hurts. 🙁 But damn, it was good!

pad of butter
(melt in pan over low heat)

2 eggs
1 tsp. milk
salt and pepper to taste
(beat for 30 seconds in bowl, then pour in pan)

Once it congeals, start stirring rapidly.

Remove from heat, add 1 Tbs. heaving whipping cream and Pecorino Romano cheese to taste. Voila!

For lunch, Almond Satay Chicken and broccoli… leftovers from the tester sample I made for this FABULOUS Passover party I’m having next week. You’ll learn all about it with pictures afterward.

For dinner, Sweet Potato and Pear Soup. Yes, there will be a tutorial. Then finally:

I bought an ice cream maker. I am making sugarless, dairyless ice cream. I very excite!

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  1. Our ice-cream maker was a dream to use until it burned out! They don’t make them for 220 and our converter was faulty. oh well. One tip-use real vanilla bean to get the best flavor. even Vanilla extract is not as good!

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