Month: April 2010

Muffins on a Mission

If you grew up in the western part of the United States, there’s a good chance you had a lot of Mormon friends growing up. And if you had a lot of Mormon friends growing up, you’ll know that there’s something in the genes, or the water, or the family nights… because Mormons were inevitably smarter, better looking, more popular, and more wholesome than you could ever dream of being. There was a website created called Mormons Exposed that bring this fact to light for the consumer public. The first one is called Hot Mormon Muffins, the second (and my favorite for obvious reasons) is Men on a Mission. Hot Mormon Muffins is actually a charitable organization that makes a calendar every year for which the proceeds go to fund breast cancer research. The calendars feature beautiful women with what men love most: warm, juicy, plump MUFFINS. The Men on a Mission calendar takes a more personal approach with each missionary contributing to the charity of his choice. You can even learn about the missionaries, …

When in doubt, white it out.

There’s possibly nothing I love more that white bed linens. My sheets are white, my duvet is white. It’s just so clean and inviting… Maybe I developed this belief when I was flying and staying in hotels so much… Maybe my religious beliefs that nothing but white sheets will do stemmed from reading a feng shui book… Then today, I saw this: And now everything I believed in was tossed out the window. Damn.

Curving Round the Bend

I’m getting a new sewing machine. Super excited! Just in time too, because I’ve been wanting to make myself some kind of Jessica Rabbit, tulip, fishtail, vintage-looking skirt out of jersey. I recently came across a designer on called Ureshii, who I ADORE!!! I’m totally obsessed. I’m not a fan of the seam (I much prefer everything naturally curve out while cut on the bias), but this is really cute and the shoes are to die for: More bias cuts… LOVE! Two-toned: This is the color list. I think I would like Periwinkle and Robin’s Egg Blue.

Should I? Could I?

I go through redecorating phases about every 3 weeks or so. I am actually very happy with the way things are currently looking in my super chic apartment (though it was totally unplanned, everyone autonomously mentions how “French-inspired” it is), I know the redecorating bug will sneak in sooner or later and I have a few thoughts what it might look like… Living room: Bedroom:

Happy Saturn Day!

Most people consider today to be “Earth Day”, but Saturn, being completely uninhabitable by life, has no representatives to celebrate it’s contribution to the solar system. I received a sign today from the universe, or from the Today Show, whatever, that recognizing this day for Saturn was my solemn duty. This is the sign: It is the 2010 “Earth Day” from the Earth Network sign so conspicuously exhibited on cardboard by one of the members of NBC’s Today Show “crowd” (read “Illuminati”) in Rockefeller Plaza. Now I’m not stupid, I know the amoeba who came up with this sign was trying to get me to subconsciously think of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign: But I beg you, blog reading public, answer me this! Where do you think Obama got the idea for his campaign from… hmmm? Just a thought. So here’s to you Saturn! Thanks for being non-controversial and putting all the other planets to shame by always being the best dressed at fabulous parties! Saturn fun facts: One of five “naked eye” planets known to …

Flower Girl

Does anyone know what these flowers are called? I bought these at OSH this weekend, and they smell divine (precisely what I was looking for, actually), but there was no tag except for that they were perennials for $5.99. Any help is appreciated!

Ahhh! I need! I need!

I almost had a heart attack this morning when I saw this post from Design Sponge. Now introducing, Alef Betty, an artist in Portland who sells typographic prints… IN HEBREW. She makes them in either red or blue. I know I need, but what color? Someone help me out… can my apartment handle tomato red anywhere?

Design Dilemma

I shouldn’t look at pictures of improvements people have made to their home… it puts me in a manic phase of needing to improve MY home. Came across this picture of a creative workspace, that is neat, yet deconstructed. I like that. This is my creative workspace, a bit cold. I’m thinking some deconstruction would be nice; however, this workspace is also my foyer/entryway/first-thing-people-see space. Ugh, what to do? Opinions???