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What Have I Been Up To?


Well, for starters, I’m trying a different layout for the blog.  Blah.

Second, I have started on a new venture.  I call this “Rebecca”:

Headbands.  All hand-made by me.  Soon available on Etsy, but for now here’s a teaser:


  1. Fretrix says

    You say:
    “Second, I HAVE started on a new venture.”
    The correct verb tense is the simple past “.. I started on a new venture.”, since you are refering to a specific event, not at some unspecified time in the past.
    Yes, indeed, you are not alone. This grammar error, using the “have/had [verb]” tense where it should be the simple past, or sometimes present, tense runs rampant nowadays, even by professionals.

    The grammarman

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