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Aaaand… we’re done!

Whew, it took me all day yesterday, but the baking is finally done!  HOORAY!!!  Of course, as always, there were a few glitches with some recipes, but all in all, everything turned out really beautiful.  Here, why don’t I show you?

Behold, my most favorite decorated cake to date… the White Cake!

The gorgeous (but so difficult to assemble) Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Layered cake!

Apple pie anyone?

And donuts…

Lots and lots of donuts…

Oh, and did I  mention I was crazy and decided to make mini cakes for my friends who live up the street?

I read something about portion control and baking mini cakes in tin cans… sounded like fun!

All right, I’m ready!  Are you???

L’shanah Tova everyone!!!

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  1. Miri, you’re amazing! AND you make me hungry. Way to revive the blog! You should come up to see me sometime on the central coast. EvY’s coming this weekend. I’d love to have you. (And not just so you can make me some of those cakes. =)

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