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All Gone!

Rosh Hashanah was a huge success!  I ended up feeding about 200 people rather than the 150 I was initially quoted.  Not one morsel of dessert was left.  People were even picking at the crumbs on the plate!
This was everything I had made:

I pre-sliced everything so people wouldn’t start slicing themselves… that could have been a disaster!

Some of my friends remarked that people were asking where the shop was they could buy these delicious cakes.  WHOA! I know, right?  Made me feel good.  And though I wouldn’t really want to run a cake shop out of my small apartment kitchen, it does give me something to think about!

I think of everything, the Apple Cider Donuts were my favorite part.  LOVE these donuts!  However, the big hit of the night was the Chocolate Salted Caramel Layer cake (i.e. the bane of my existence).

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