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Review: Last Forest in the City

I have decided that Sundays are a good time to Review random things. Whether it is a great restaurant or a glamourous event, you want to know what I think of things, right? Haha, maybe. Today I am stepping off the beaten bath and reviewing music for you! I am going to review an album released in November of 2011 from Roman and Alaina called Last Forest in the City. I’ve never reviewed an album before so here goes:
Disclaimer: This review may be biased. Why? I’m not only a fan of the married music duo Roman and Alaina – they are big fans of me! Roman and Alaina have always made a point to come to any event I am catering, and have nothing but good things to say about my food (which feels fantastic!). It just so happens I have nothing but good things to say about their music, so it’s a win-win. 🙂
People have described their album as “soulful” and “up-beat” and other things. I describe it as really good. Compelling, I know. I first met Roman at a conference in 2007 in Beverly Hills where he handed out an all-Hebrew album from his old band Meha Shamayim. He wrote several tracks on the album, all of which turned out to be my favorite. The best track was called “Lo Ani”, and that turned out to be super-influential in my spiritual journey.
I also met Alaina in 2007 at a different conference in Chicago. I doubt she would remember though. That’s where Roman and Alaina began their courtship. You can hear the whole scenario recaptured in the track “Hello Miss” from Last Forest in the City – I’m not mentioned in this track, so yeah, you wouldn’t know I met Alaina during that time, but whatevs.
Not too long after Roman and Alaina were married (2008) they released a spiritual album called Sounds of Prayer. It was a big hit in the community, and I recommend it. They moved to Los Angeles in 2010 where they were propelled into performing more and more for larger audiences. Over time their stage presence and tight vocals have become so magnetic and professional, any vendor would be thrilled to have them perform at any establishment.
From the moment the couple moved to LA, a secular album was on the brain as they sought to reach a larger audience. Observing the process of writing, recording, and promoting their album has been a delight for me. One song in particular – “Miserable” – I believe (I don’t know for sure) was written when Alaina went to visit her family in Canada, the first time Roman and Alaina had been apart since they had been married. Like I said, I believe, and can’t know for sure, I think I am described in the lyric “Everybody’s laughin’ and it’s true – I’m miserable without you,” Because I do faintly remember seeing Roman in misery without his wife and perhaps I poked a little fun at him for it. Sue me.
The song “PMS (I’m Sorry)” reminds me of a particular conversation I had when Roman, Alaina, and a large group of other kosher-eating turkey lovers came over for Thanksgiving. There was an inquiry from some of the male persuasion what PMS was like. Alaina and I agreed that the pain is nothing compared to the complete lack of control of one’s emotions – the song is an accurate depiction.

So favorite songs from Last Forest in the City in order:
1. Run
2. Miserable
3. PMS (I’m Sorry)
4. Hello Miss

The album was produced by another personal friend of mine, food-lover, and fellow-baker Drew Allsbrook! This guy built his own killer studio, and said I could come over and play his grand piano whenever I want! I still haven’t done it yet, but will. This is his website, the People’s Music. You can also like him on Facebook.

Drew plays in a number of other bands and has an amazing bass face.

All right, well I think we can agree I’m not really great at reviewing stuff, but hopefully you will get some back-story to a terrific album, listen to it, buy it, like Roman and Alaina on Facbook. You won’t regret it.

Also, be sure to check out tomorrow’s post when show you Alaina’s Trader Joe’s birthday cake! Fun times.

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