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Two-Tone Piping Tutorial

I have a pretty cool technique to share with you today!  If you are planning a party for someone with a color theme (i.e. bridal shower), a clever way to bring out the theme is through two-tone piping.

 Lay saran wrap flat on the counter, place about 1/2 cup of your piping frosting on top.

Roll the saran wrap at the ends on each side and tie a knot on one end.  Follow the same instructions for the 2nd color.

Roll together the saran wrap for the two colors on the ends without the knot.

Pull the un-knotted end of the saran wrap through the pastry bag already fitted with a coupler.

Cut off the end of the saran wrap before affixing the tip.  Once tip is affixed, pipe onto cupcakes as normal.
When you are done piping, just pull the empty saran wrap bags from the pastry bag, and throw them away.  You are left with beautiful cupcakes and a clean pastry bag.

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