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What do you expect from me Mom? I’m half machine!

Excuse the ambiguous nature of the title of this blog post, but if you’ve ever watched Arrested Development, you know it’s more than appropriate!  My close friend Evy turned 30 this year, and to celebrate, she threw an Arrested Development themed party.  I, of course, was asked to make the cake.
I made it “Blue Man Group Velvet” with vanilla buttercream and a filling of banana slices and chocolate chips. The banana and chocolate chips filling is for the fact that the Bluths own a frozen banana stand.  The “Blue Man Group Velvet” – well, take a look:
Of course, there are many other inside jokes I included on this cake including a “loose seal”, a star of david “in solitude”, the orange theme during the credits, “I need a favor” from the Bluth family crest, the flowers representing Lucille Bluth’s tweed suits, Evy’s favorite surprise:  “Steve Holt!”

So how did I go about decorating this masterpiece?  Remember my post about luster dust?

It can be difficult to free-hand frosting on a cake.  So much is at stake!  I found that I have a much steadier hand with a  paint brush.  This is buttercream, and luster dust can get a little tricky, but if you have the cake set in the refrigerator long enough, the buttercream becomes stable enough to paint on.
Once you have outlined what you want to do with the luster dust you can go nuts with the frosting. For this cake I was inspired by this post from Cake Wrecks about fondant-free decorating and the dragging method to decorate cakes.
Just outline your picture with the color you want, then with a wet brush drag it into the middle.  It does take some skill and patience, but it looks awesome!
Below you can see the Star of David “in solitude” and my “Loose Seal” using the decorating technique I mentioned.
I was really happy to read that fondant-free post from Cake Wrecks, because I really don’t see the purpose or skill in fondant or modeling chocolate anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it takes skill – but really it’s just a short-cut that doesn’t taste good. Most bakers even tell you to remove the fondant from their cakes before eating them. Gross. Buttercream is the way to go, and I spend sometimes close to an hour to get the edges smooth.

I will say one down-side to using only buttercream for frosting is buckling. It took a long time to get that Loose Seal just the way I wanted it, and you can see in the picture below on the left that the cake spent a little too much time out of the refrigerator while the Seal was coming to life.  Oh well.

Ok, enough about fondant and how much I hate it. On to the party that was off. the hook.
There were juice boxes for both Lucille Bluth and Buster Bluth. This is where I tell you that boxed wine is not bad. It actually isn’t! Goes down super smooth, but um, the next morning – not so hot. Worst hangover ever. Well, not ever, but let’s just say I don’t feel that great.

Fake food for the model home! This is the only turkey that Evy and Matt would ever serve considering they are both vegetarians.  They also had grilled cheese sandwiches and corn balls!

I love that most people dressed up.  I think that is the biggest challenge of any theme party – who will actually dress up and will I look like a complete idiot for doing it?  Luckily, the characters on Arrested Development wore pretty normal clothes but had their quirks. My boyfriend Matt was dressed as Buster.  the pic doesn’t show it, but I did make him a hook for a hand.  The birthday girl Evy was Lucille Bluth, and she played it sooo well!

Evy chose me to be Lucille Ostero for a few reasons, but mostly because I actually did have vertigo at one time.  You can’t see it in the picture, but I had my Liza Minelli false eyelashes on. It was great. This pic is the two of us trying to move the wall in our condo.
Lucille #2 and Buster – the perfect couple!
Evy had a sign asking us to “blue yourself” and placing the handprint somewhere on the wall.  Well, they ended up mostly on one wall – still looks cool!

All in all it was a very fun party, and a really good turn-out!  I also saw some people from college who I hadn’t seen in YEARS.  
Happy birthday, Evy – it was a blast!

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