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DIY Air Freshener Tutorial

Y’all asked for it, and I am obliging – I’m going to try and make Wednesdays “Do It Yourself Wednesdays.” Crafts people, you gotta love it! 
There is a family in Orange County I used to live with – lovely caring people. One night the mother and her daughter hosted a lotion/essential oil party, kind of like a Tupperware party but with smelly stuff. There were these really relaxing foot baths and hand massages. Basically this was the best party ever. Perhaps I am hyping this party too much, but it seemed that the next morning and every day thereafter the couches and the carpets seeped the sweet smell of those essential oils. I would go over to visit and just melt into their couches. There is something about essential oils that just smells different than everything else and also infiltrates the very essence of everything it touches.
I’m certain that the essential oil sweetness stayed because the daughter of this duo eventually became a licensed massage therapist and would practice in her living room! So many times I have attempted to recreate this lovely scent and failed. It was truly unique to their home.
One day I was looking at all the craziness I have displayed on my book shelves and I found all these essential oils I had used for a different aromatic contraption that has long since broken. What could I possibly do with these?
Later on I found this other bottle of essential oils I bought in 2006 and I remember being really expensive. Must use, must not go to waste.

So here’s what you do. You find an old empty cleanser bottle and rinse it thoroughly. Take your water filter, and filter up some water. Pour the filtered water into the bottle along with about 30 drops of your favorite essential oil. You have air freshener my friends. Not only do you have air freshener, you have air freshener with oil. Spray your rugs, your curtains, your couches, your throw-pillows – that scent is sticking around!

Here’s another “expert” tip from Your’s Truly. If you have leather, vinyl, or wood furniture, put some drops of the essential oil on your fingers and rub into those materials. You an also take the pillow covers off your pillows and put a few drops of the oil into the pillow fiber themselves. Nothing but aromatic beauty. You’re welcome!

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