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DIY Bunting Tutorial

This DIY project I am bringing you today cost me $0.00. You heard that right. Not only did it cost me no money, I got to use all the fabric that has been lying around my house.
The event world is ablaze with a bunting obsession. I wrote about it a couple years ago, and I have never had opportunity to use it. The entire time I kept thinking “this looks so easy and looks to take no time at all, why on earth would people need tutorials on bunting?” Right, I bet you’re thinking the same thing! Little did I know how much time and energy this stuff took! Now, granted I did make 262 feet of the stuff, which may had been the labor problem.
I know what you’re thinking: “Miri, why on earth would you need 262 feet of bunting? – this must be some big event!” Um, well – it’s for Slumdog Pesach. I explained to Matt that I was going to have a carnival theme for Slumdog Pesach. Here’s how the conversation went:
Matt: Oh wow, an Indian carnival.
Me: No, like an American carnival. Not like Brazilian Carnival, but like State Fair, Charlotte’s Web, Roger’s and Hammerstein’s carnival.
Matt: Oh, so you are going to serve American food.
Me: No, Indian food. It’s still Slumdog Pesach.
Matt: I thought you said it was carnival Pesach.
Me: No, it’s Slumdog Pesach with a carnival theme.
Matt: So Indian food is the sea in which a carnival is swimming?
Me: What?
Matt: Huh?
Me: The theme is like an American carnival, but the food is Indian keeping it Slumdog Pesach.
Matt: Yeah, what I said.
Well, I haven’t really explained why I needed so much bunting, but I’ll be completely honest here. Last year for Slumdog Pesach I made this awesome geometric pattern of lights on the ceiling. It looked cool and all but was pretty bright. Anyway, I had plans to take the lights down – never did. I’m a terrible person – like the people who leave the Christmas decorations up outside until May. Except, this is INSIDE my house, and well I got to about October and figured I would need them up for the next Slumdog Pesach and what was the use in taking them down? I envision the overwhelming presence of bunting going this way and that all across the ceiling, with the light from the ceiling filtering through. In a word: it’s gonna be   dope.

So here’s the tutorial part. Sure you can go to the store and BUY bias tape, but I was committed to making it myself with leftover muslin fabric. Oh, and I wasn’t cutting it on the bias, so I guess it’s technically not bias tape. 
The first thing you do is make 1 inch strips. You can do this my just making a snip on one end and ripping apart the fabric. Simple.

Get your iron nice and hot. Fold in both edges of the muslin into the center an iron flat.

Fold the muslin half, and iron flat again.

Now you have 262 feet of bias tape. Just so you know, it takes ALL DAY to iron 262 feet of bias tape.

Take the ends of the bias tape and sew them together. Iron down the seams of where the bias tape connects. (P.S. Mom, I know I am using red thread on white muslin, but this stuff if going to hang from the ceiling and no one will see. Besides, I went through 3 spools in all to complete this project).
Choose the size you would like the flags to be. I decided to use a Wilton piping bag to be my guide. I ended up making a diamond shape, so I could cut 2 flags at once.

The picture below is to show you I made the flags approximately 3 inches wide at the top.
What you can do with the fabric for the flags is fold it several times to you can get multiple flags out of one pattern. It wasn’t long before I smartened up and made several patterns to cut all at once.

Perhaps the most important part of this whole project is laying out the pattern. I do not like similar colors to touch, so I moved everything around several times until I found something I could live with. So festive!

You are going to pin the flags on each side inside the bias tape, then sew it all together along the edge.

Look at all the bunting – so pretty!

Turns out the fact that the bias tape was not on the bias was no big deal, the bunting hangs normally, probably from the give of the muslin.

I didn’t worry about all the flags being uniform. In fact, it kind of looks cooler when they are not uniform. Geez, look at that! Don’t you want a hotdog on a stick or a deep fried pickle?

So how to we store this stuff? Call me my father’s daughter, but I figured I would get myself some cardboard and wrap it around – like twinkle lights! Or perhaps it looks like a bolt of fabric. Anyway, there you go – DIY Wednesday. See you next week for another amazing non-food related DIY project!

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