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If I Had a Million Dollars


Well, I’ve been buried under piles of DIY projects for the past few days, have had about 4 cake orders for the weekend of the 1st, and meanwhile the reality of Passover coming up and spring cleaning have been been looming over my head. I saw this video posted on Facebook yesterday, and thought you might enjoy it too.

I’ve been in a “reset” mode over the past few weeks, analyzing what it is I want to do with my life, establishing a big vision, and trying my darndest to figure out a way to make it happen. Many members of my friends and family have been pushing me towards a creative career in either baking or blogging or DIY projects or SOMETHING! – something other than the same old administrative jobs I’ve been doing for the past eight years. Don’t get me wrong, the administrative jobs are okay, but it is true I can spend hours on end working on baking or my blog stuff. It is apparent where my passions lie.

The other day I went for a long walk with a my friend Jenn and it ended up turning into a brain-storming session of various ways I can make my blog, my recipes, myself more visible and appealing to the public. I told her how I talked to my mother on the phone the day before who informed me that she and her co-workers were going in together on buying lottery tickets, and if she won she would invest in my business. Then she qualified it “I would have to see a business plan first, though.” Jenn laughed out loud, thinking the same thing I was thinking – (a) My product is me. I am the brand and (b) when an investor puts money into a person as a brand, that investor is usually instrumental in putting together the business plan. There is very rarely a moment when someone hands you a wad of cash and just says “go.”

As improbable as the notion may be, it got me thinking “what if someone did hand me a wad of cash? What would I do with it?” I don’t think a wise plan of action would be to buy a bakery or a catering business. There is far too much overhead and not enough pay-out. I am the brand, I am the product. I am the kosher Martha Stewart. As I explained to another friend the other day “I don’t want to be famous, I just want an empire!” So I’ve come up with this:


1. Lawyer up. I need to make sure my content is mine only. Very important.

2. Hire a Marketing/PR Firm. I would want my blog completely re-designed, a new logo, an SEO specialist, advertisements, and some kind of agent to get Miri in the Village in the media. Also specialized Miri in the Village packaging (cake boxes, etc.)

3. Buy some new kitchenware. This is just a given.

4. Move and buy a video camera. One of the biggest obstacles I’ve been facing lately is that I would love to do video cooking or DIY tutorials and put them on youtube, but my kitchen is NOT camera friendly.

5. Buy a new camera and take a photography class. You can never learn too much!

6. Plan some parties. Put together networking events that not only showcase my skills, but make them visible to the blogging/lifestyle community. Invite the News.

7. Seek to put my name on an existing brand. Or creating my own product – like kosher for Passover coconut milk. I could also put my name on some cake decorating tools, appliances, what-have-you.

8. Write a cookbook. Create some brick and mortar type product.

So there it is. I’m not worried about someone stealing my business plan, because I’m the product and none of this works without me. If anyone sees something on this list they would be willing to do for free, I would certainly be willing to promote you on the blog!  Hey, maybe I should put all of this on Kickstarter. Heh, reminds me of this clip from Portlandia:

Anyway, enough dreaming, time for cleaning.

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  1. I love this Miri! Way to dream! You know I’m making the plunge from the stable to the artistic, and so far, nearly a year into it, I LOVE it.

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