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Neat Things I Found on the Internet


I used to read my blog roll religiously – RELIGIOUSLY! But you know ever since Pinterest came around, I haven’t been as faithful to my favorite bloggers. In a way I feel like I have gone too much in the loop for some things and really out of touch with others. Knowing how much work and time go into blogging I committed myself to reading everything on my blog roll from the last 24 hours, and wouldn’t you know it? – I found some pretty cool stuff!

Princess Laserton, you make my heart sing. I would like to remind everyone that my birthday is coming up (April 30th) (HINT!)

These are whisks! Yep, birthday.

New meme starting – Jesus from a Jewish Guilt Perspective!

I often have fantasies of dressing my kids in mature muted colors and making them look like little adults.

These Pantone Tarts made my mouth water – maybe inspiration for some of my creations in the future?

Ruffled featured a Mid-Century inspired wedding that totally plucked at my heartstrings.

Joy of Kosher posted some creative tablescapes for Passover. My favorite was this bento box motif!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Don’t forget to leave a comment on THIS POST to enter the cupcake sweepstakes!!!

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