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Review: 3rd Annual Slumdog Pesach (Part 1)

Hello! and welcome to the 3rd Annual Slumdog Pesach post that I have been ranting on about for the last month! It was a long, arduous journey, but so worth it. This post is only part 1 where I tell you about all the prep work and show pretty pictures of before the time when people come over.
The picture below shows two DIY projects that I will have posts for in the future: panted vases and tissue paper flowers. The vases also contained pinwheels and flowers from my own flower boxes on the porch.

Another future DIY post: handmade bunting place cards! This one belongs to Krystal. Both she and her husband Tony were a huge help in putting this on. Thank you guys!

So pretty! So girly! I love it! I used brown butcher paper I got at the dollar store. $1 for 15 feet!

As you can see, I used those wonderful DIY Passover Plates (tutorial here) to bring together the back yard BBQ theme. Completing this look were the pre-tied utensils in napkins and yarn (also from the dollar store)

The pillows for the floor were from Ikea. All just a buck a piece. Sure, they feel like airplane pillows, but they work just fine and really make the floor look inviting to sit on.

I bought burlap in a contrasting color from the paper making the back yard BBQ look just that much more quaint. 

You can see my DIY bunting that is actually still up in my house. I’m wondering if I’ll actually take it down. It just seems like too big a job for me right now. Besides, being spring and all, it looks festive! Another future post will be the DIY paper stars. They really brought a lot to the mood of the party.

Here are my DIY twinkle light lanterns. Not noticed much by the party-goers, but I’m hoping brought a lot to their subconscious. For the record, Krystal freaking loved them.

Finally, the stars of the show for this Slumdog Pesach and the inspiration for the Americana State Fair Back Yard BBQ theme – striped paper straws. They looked so awesome in these mason jars to which I affixed yarn and a little note that said “Pick your poison.” 

Stay tuned next week for a review of the actual party!

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