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Review: Take a Bao, Studio City


My friend Evy always introduces me to new restaurants in Los Angeles. She works on commercials, and experiences the catering skills of any number of culinary experts on a daily basis for free as part of her job. Right before Passover she contacted me because she had been wanting to check out a place in Studio City for the longest time, and hey, that’s just around the corner from me!
That picture up there. Those things are called “boas”. They are these little sandwiches that are filled with all sorts of things. I am not sure of their origin, except to say it was an Asian themed restaurant.

The bread is the thing. So doughy. OMG, I’m thinking of it now! Yummm.
Two other things to note: I will not speak of the other food there. Not worth talking about. Spend your money on the boas. The second thing is to try the mint julep. Holp Schnikey that was good!
They have lovely outdoor seating, free valet, a cool vibe, and some interesting cuisine. It’ not some place I’d recommend to all my friends, but definitely worth taking a look if you want to try something new.

11838 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

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