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DIY Painted Jar/Vase Tutorial

It’s the little things that make a difference. Whether in your home or for an event, people remember the time and care you put in to the smallest details. Oh hi there! It’s DIY Wednesday!
Do you have a number of clear bottles lying around? Or do you want to have vases for a table centerpiece, but cannot afford them in the color you like? I have a very simple trick for all of you. This DIY project did cost me something – about $0.79 per vase (after to vases that’s $7.90 + tax), but these cheery yellow vases brightened up my party and are continuing to brighten my balcony and my bookshelves.

What you will need:
Clear glass vases or bottles
A large piece of paper for a funnel
Plastic cup
Paint (color of your choice)
Some brown paper bags
Begin by shaping your paper into a funnel and taping closed.
Place all your bottles on the surface where you are going to work, within close proximity to one another. Also take your paper bags, cut them to lie flat in a safe area where the vases will dry.

I used leftover house paint, so I took a plastic cup to scoop it out. I placed the funnel on top of the vase, and poured the paint into it.

Once you have a good amount of paint in you vase, slowly pour the paint around the edges of the inside, rotating to get full coverage until all the insides of the vase are covered. 

Pour out the excess (as much as you can).

Place the vases upside down on your paper bags for several hours or days. Move the vases every once in a while to release the excess paint.

Repeat the process a second time for 2 coats.

Pretty! And such a simple and inexpensive way to bring that personal touch to your home or party that your guests will keep talking about.

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