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DIY Paper Flowers Tutorial

Happy DIY Wednesday! Today we are making flowers and these flowers cost me $0.00.  Woohoo!

What you will need:
Tissue paper
A 1″ round object ( I used the top of a champagne cork)
Bamboo skewers
Floral wire
Floral Tape
Cut your tissue paper in 4″x1″ strips. Take your rounded surface and twist the strip around it on each side.

For one of the twisted sides, wrap the tissue in a bun-like form so it flattens agains the round surface. Make several of these – Approximately 10 per flower (in whatever color you like)

Cut out a small strip of yellow tissue paper. Put a dab of glue (Elmer’s is fine) on the top of the dull end of the bamboo skewer and wrap the small strip around it until it all sticks.

Take your floral wire and wrap it around the stem of the flower until it secure.

Take the untied end of the tissue paper, attach to the stem and wrap the floral wire around it.

Continue adding pieces of the tissue paper like the picture below until you have reached the fullness you desire.

Finally, when you are done, wrap floral tape all around the base of the flower and the stem. Admittedly, each flower takes some time, but the results look really cool.

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