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DeLuscious Cookies + Milk – Woo, look at that July Dozen!

Hey all, do you know where you can get the BEST cookies in Los Angeles? One place has been voted over and over again by various publications as not only the #1 place to buy cookies in Southern California – the best in the country! They not only offer your standard American popular flavors all year round ($39.95 per dozen), each month they come out with a new set of couture cookies called the “Couture Dozen”. For $51.95 you can get hand-delivered, shipped or pick up all these flavors, and definitely worth the price tag. Don’t let the word “cookie” fool you. These are monster sized cookies – one could definitely satisfy the most ravenous cookie craving.
DeLuscious does not have a proper store-front like most bakeries. Everything is made fresh to order (that day!), and most orders are hand-delivered to someone’s residence or business. However, you should feel free to stop by. DeLuscious always makes EXTRA cookies for people who come in off the street! This is where you find them:
DeLuscious Cookies + Milk
829 N. Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Below are the current couture flavors for July – don’t they just look amazing?

Lydia Shayne, the owner of Deluscious is a personal friend and inspiration to me on so many levels as a business woman and an expert baker. I have made all my friends try these cookies, and the response is the same: “These are the best cookies I’ve ever had!” Seriously, I won’t even try to compete.

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