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Will You… Be My Bridesmaid???

There is nothing quite as humbling as the onslaught of people not only willing, but wanting to help you plan the biggest event of your life. People are so kind. Really. I get used to doing things on my on and battling “The Man” each day, it never ceases to amazing me how many people want to help you.
My fiance and I took our wedding party selection very seriously. We wanted to honor our siblings first, then we wanted to choose people who not only have been great friends, but who we believe support our coming marriage, and want with all their hearts for us to succeed. I knew long ago that I when I asked my dear friends to by my bridesmaids, I wanted to give them a “Will you be my bridesmaid” gift. It was my way of expressing how special each one of these ladies are, and how I really put time and care into asking them to support me on my big day.
There is one problem with these “will you be my bridesmaid” gifts: what the heck goes in them? So naturally, I scoured the internets (or Pinterest, rather) to see what other people did. I found a lot of gaudy pink things covered in rhinestones. I also found little bottles of champagne (not a terrible idea), beautiful clutches that were waaay out of my price range, and other little baubles that I found to be quite tasteless.

I thought long and hard about it until the light bulb went off. I wanted my bridesmaids to all wear different dresses, but the accessories – they could be the same! I filled each box with tissue paper, lady-like gloves and mod/mid-century sunglasses. Inside the boxes was also a style guide with all the other details they will need to know. Getting carried away with myself, I also made a groomsmen style guide, but I digress. I topped each box off with a personal, hand-written note and a bow made of yarn.

So there you have it, that’s how I asked my bridemaids to be my bridesmaids! It was very special handing the package to each one and watching them read my note (two them said “I feel like I’m being proposed to!). If you want a little introduction to my bridesmaids, they’ve got blogs too – see below!
Urban how2do (this is Krystal’s husband’s site)

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