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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…

Can we talk about wedding attire for a moment, specifically shoes? I have had to temper my blogging tendencies considering (A.) I don’t want my hubs-to-be to know what I’ll look like on our wedding day and (B.) I kind of don’t want to give up the secrets of our wedding day to our guests. They should be a little surprised, right? So, with much trepidation I am posting about wedding shoes. Many women tell me they love shoe shopping, because their feet never make them feel fat. Well, as someone who has grown up with nerve damage affecting her legs her entire life, shoe shopping is the source of groaning and apprehension. This is particularly true when it comes to wedding shoes. I know I want these shoes to be heels, because women look better in their dresses when they wear heals, and I want to be able to wear them for an extended period of time. I want my shoes to be somewhat non-typical, as I am imagining adorable pictures of my bridesmaids and me, just of our feet, BUT it still has to go with my dress. Oh right, I also want a picture of my feet along with my groom’s socks (please note, this is the area where wedding blogs have ruined me FOREVER). Did I mention that because shoes are kind of a rare purchase for me, I would love to wear them with other outfits? And by other outfits, I specifically mean my “going away dress” and whatever I decide to wear to our 2nd reception a month later in Charlotte, North Carolina. And finally, these shoes must perfectly describe me, my life, my likes, my loves and my personality from the time I was born until now and forever more.
So here’s a list of what I am looking for in the perfect wedding shoes:
1. Heel height between 2.5 to 3 inches. No there is no budging on this.
2. I must be able to wear in grass.
3. I have to be able to wear them for at least 2 hours straight. TWO HOURS.
4. I need to feel like they are not squooshing my toes, cutting into my heels or going to fall off my feet.
5. I prefer shoes which match the color theme – either in the cornflower-blue/aqua category or tangerine
6. I can go with more traditional colors (white or gold) as long as the shoes have some pretty unique details.
Ok, that said here are the shoes I am considering. We’ll start with the more conventional styles. Spanish Designer Chie Mihara has stolen my heart with his collection at BHLDN. His shoes are pricey, but don’t they totally look like the right balance. Plus, they are white, so my mother would probably like them more. You should also know the lead picture for this blog post is from Chie Mihara. Beautiful.
We’re still going with BHLDN (btw, it has taken me a full year to remember all those later’s for Anthro’s bridal line – sheesh!). They have these “Elopement Shoes” from Hey Lady, which have been a true smash among brides if blogs tell you anything about brides. Perfect color, perfect style, elegant enough for my dress, fun enough for my other clothes. My only reservation is that I have such an affection for a T-strap, because I know those shoes won’t fall off my feet. These shoes are also pricey, but apparently they come with memory foam! Also, here’s a little trick. When you go to a sight like Anthropologie or BHLDN, check who the designer is, then go to their website – you’ll learn a lot. Like the girls over at Hey Lady have a blog and seem interesting and fun, and for that reason, I totally want to buy shoes from them!
Again, a reason to go to the designer’s website – I found these shoes!
I also found out that for a number of their shoes you can choose the heel height and color you want.
Keeping with the conventional streak, these gold heals caught my eye at Modcloth, but the more I look at them, the more I just don’t want conventional shoes. Or maybe I do? They are really pretty, and I could wear them with a number of other things.
And now for something COMPLETELY different: wouldn’t these Vince Camuto Berit shoes look great in pictures? I don’t know about the peep toe, because sometimes they give me blisters, but I do think these shoes go with my Mod/60’s type theme.
While on my shoe search, I have learned that there are designers I definitely lean toward, one of them being Chelsea Crew. What’s cool about Chelsea Crew is that you can buy here shoes at multiple places: Modcloth, DSW and Urban Outfitters to name a few. The advantage to this is that I could actually try them on. I love the t-strap on the left and the lace-up on the right. They feel very Mary Poppins to me; and if you know anything about me, you know how I feel about Mary Poppins. Also either of these shoes could take care of my “something blue.”
Call me crazy, but these Miss L Fire shoes are dope, and at Anthropologie. That is all.
Ā And just when you thought I had lost my mind, if only these farylrobin shoes form Modcloth went with my dress, they would be mine in a heartbeat. šŸ™‚
Did I mention I need these shoes by next week for my first bridal fitting? Whoops!
So, what do you think? Any opinions out there?


  1. You seem pretty unconventional, I’d go unconventional! Do what you want, not what is expected of you. Small things at a wedding can make the bride happy, and if your feet are happy, you will certainly be that much happier. Don’t skimp on the comfort factor. Plus, if your dress is long, who will see the shoes anyhow? Love the blog!

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