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A Cush for the Toosh

You know what the coolest thing about MadMen is? It’s not the dresses or the skinny ties or the cigarettes or even the bourbon. The coolest thing about Madmen has to be the furniture. My honey has informed me that once we get married, the first item on the list of “things to save for” has got to be the couch. My couch was given to me by a neighbor who moved to Serbia. It’s brown leather, much sleeker than it sounds and it has pull out foot rests on each side. Unfortunately, the couch is not the best for napping. My fiance wants to be able to stretch out and read a book… or something.
Of the furniture I did inherit from my generous neighbors, Matt LOVES this orange chair. I agree. It looks awesome and is super comfy. So the trick would be to find a couch that compliments it? I don’t normally take pictures of my own furniture, so here’s the best I can do with the chair. It totally has this grandpa/mid-century vibe.
I was at an estate sale recently, and found this lovely couch for $125.00. I didn’t take it, and have been kicking myself ever since. I just couldn’t wrap my head around how to move it at the time. But after I thought about it a while, I figured my dogs would not take well to the old-person smell, and would likely rip the sofa apart. Also, I’m not totally convinced I like the mint color.
Matt and I registered at Crate&Barrel, and between the wedding, at least 2 bridal showers and an east coast reception, I’m thinking we may get enough gift cards to accomodate this beauty for $1,699.00. They had the couch in this granite color at the store. Totally awesome, but can I convince Matt it will be comfortable? I mean, you would take a nap on it, right?
And as they say on Regretsy – “In a room!”
And while wandering the internet today, I came upon an ad for Thrive Furniture. I love everything, but what I love most is that all the lines of furniture are named after presidents and political figures. I am a nerd. They have a couch in the Taylor line that I just salivate over. I love the way the legs are at an angle.
And in a room!
Then I saw it, this color. Holy moly. I love it. I want it now. NOW! Ok, perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. I have months and months to convince Matt he can take a nap on this kind of couch. I guess it’s just me daydreaming, keeping my mind off of more pressing things, like planning our wedding.

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