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New Year, New Hair


Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone! Yesterday I posted the picture you see below on Instagram and Facebook. Naturally, a lot of people wanted to know what the end result was.

So here’s the deal. I knew when I first started dating my husband that he was the one. I knew! So I started growing out my hair. I couldn’t wait to have long luxurious hair on my wedding day. And I did! I had such beautiful hair provided by my lovely friend Verina who has her own organic salon in Los Angeles (check it out!). I wanted to have this really classic ’60s ‘do with a headband and bumped up in the back and shiny and all!

I also wanted my bridesmaids to have really lovely hair too. So Verina did pin curls on all of them. They looked so stunning!

Ok, so they looked too stunning! I started to feel like I liked their hair better than mine. Of course, there was no way my hair would look the same – it was too long. In particular I was just in awe over how Alaina’s hair turned out. It worked in particular, because she had the shortest length hair.

And there you have it. I cut my hair short. I love it. My ultimate inspiration was Carrie Brownstein from Wild Flag and Portlandia. Funny fact: I know the mom of the Janet Weiss, the drummer of Wild Flag – she goes to my shul! That makes me 2 degrees removed from Carrie Brownstein.

All right, enough of the tease, here it is, my new haircut. I would say I hope you like it, but if you don’t, too late!

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