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Gee Miri, Your Pictures…

I think I mentioned before that I am taking a photo class with the Burbank Adult School. Ā The class is basically made up of retirees who have the best and most expensive equipment, as well as a smattering of younger people who want to know how to use their cameras to their fullest. Then there’s me with my poor second-hand Canon Rebel Ti and kit lens. Not only that, my camera is a little extra scuffed, because I keep it around the food I make, so I can take pictures for y’all (this is the part where you feel really sorry for me, and take up a collection to get Miri a new camera).
The thing that is kind of fun about the class is that I have certain assignments where I take pictures of things I don’t normally take pictures of – like people!
You see my hubby here? Smokin’ right? Actually, my teacher made the comment “this photo is a little too hot” to which I responded “It’s a picture of my husband, of course it’s hot!”
He said this picture of Elijah was a little hot, too. Truth be told, he thinks all of my pictures are “too hot”. It was getting me really frustrated, because I thought I was doing really good. Well, guess what. Our teacher showed us pictures of a wedding he did recently. Can we say OLD SCHOOL? He seriously had a picture of the bride looking at her reflection in a full-length mirror. All the wedding party was posed in the typical ’90s way, with gentle hands, and all. So now I don’t take his criticisms seriously anymore. I just know that my pictures look like they were taken in 2013, and that’s better, I think.
This picture of cookies I had to take for this gigantic cookie photo shoot he said gave him vertigo. VERTIGO. Because I wasn’t exactly on top of my subject. Does this give anyone else vertigo? No? Ok, I’ll just keep reminding myself that I am there for the fundamentals! And I am.
In other news, remember the gigantic photo shoot I mentioned? I think it went pretty well! Here are some photos from it, probably all of them “too hot”, but all of them pretty.
We also had a TV show come to the bakery yesterday for a holiday special. My boss for once was wearing make-up, so I snagged some very rare photos of her, because she HATES having her picture taken.
I don’t know why. She’s uncommonly beautiful. Seriously, not fair!


  1. Hannah says

    Miri, I love your baby clothes! Will you eventually have them for sale?

    • I will let you know! I definitely won’t have them for sale en masse, but I have quite a few babies needing clothes these days. šŸ™‚

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