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It’s Tuesday, so…

Matt and I are in a pretty cool time of our lives. We’re newly-weds, kidless (except for fur-kids, of course), Matt has a job with irregular hours, and I have a job where I work from home two days a week writing for the company blog. This often gives Matt and me unexpected together time during the day – especially when my work day involves going on a field trip and photographing cool stuff for the company blog.
As far as DeLuscious blog scheduling goes, we’re getting through the end of October, and you know what that means – we are going to write about the strange, creepy and spooky. Now, normally this stuff is not my bag. I don’t like to be scared, and I don’t celebrate Halloween. Lucky for me, Los Angeles is a city with lots of weird and wacky stuff – and all if it is actually super interesting.
Today’s assignment was to go to the Los Angeles County Coroner Gift Shop. You hear that right – The Los Angeles County Coroner Gift Shop. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the only Coroner’s offices that actually have gift shops (surprise, surprise), and this one has become somewhat of a tourist destination. In fact, when we arrived we had to get a parking pass from the receptionist. She immediately looked at us and said “Oh, you’re here for the gift shop.” I guess it was my camera that gave it away.
All the proceeds go toward youth drunk driving prevention, and the lady who works there really likes her job. The gift shop also gets it’s fair share of celebrity visitors, made plain by how it’s littered with pictures of the shop lady with celebrities like Matt Damon.
Matt took these photos of me in front of the Coroner’s Office which totally makes me laugh, because it reminds me of OOTD posts by fashion bloggers and stuff… AND I’M IN FRONT OF THE CORONER’S OFFICE. I would also like to point out to whoever is wondering that I am NOT pregnant. It’s a peplum shirt, and apparently that’s what it does, make people look pregnant.
I’ve been taking a photography class, and our assignment this week was to bring in 5 black and white portraits. This one of my husband will do, right?
And we’re not supposed to bring in pictures of four-legged creatures, but I mean these are the three faces that totally mean most in the world to me, so they should be an exception. Plus, these are the cutest portraits I’ve ever seen.
Finally, I went on the roof of DeLuscious the other day. It was pretty spectacular. And with all I’m learning with photoshop, I was able to get rid of some ugly telephone lines and make the sky purple!

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