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Weekend Trip

So let me tell you about our little weekend getaway in Palm Springs. The best this about Palm Springs is that all the houses look like this! It’s like something out of a dream. One day, one day I will have a mid-century ranch. You can count on it.
We went to Elmer’s for some German pancakes.
This pancake had apples on it. Turns out we should have gone with the original (just some butter, lemon and sugar). It was still mighty tasty though.
Of course, that’s my handsome husband. He was sitting in just the right light for me to take a picture, then mess with the picture through photoshop. Turned out great.
This is how all the buildings in Palm Springs used to look before the ’50s. Boo! Hiss!
All right, that’s better.
We went tho this vintage store called a La MOD. It had the best stuff of all the stores in my opinion. This room divider makes me wish for a bigger room that needs dividing.
Can we all agree that I NEED these chairs right now?! CAUSE I NEED THEM RIGHT NOW! Seriously, my second most favorite thing in Palm Springs.
This couch is just perfect. Perfect color, texture, size…
but the thing I love most are the legs. Adorable.
Sputnik chandeliers are all kinds of fabulous.
Next we went to a place called Dazzle. It was an old motel. They filled in the pool with dirt… and sod… and pink flamingos… that are now white from the sun.
This store had a lot of tiki-type stuff.
AND FONDUE SETS. So many fondue sets. And they were pretty cheap too! Probably because there are so many of them.
This set of high ball tiki glasses was my #1 most favorite thing in Palm Springs. It had this carrier that was just utter perfection. The price? $95! Geez. Maybe for $45 I would have gone for them.
I liked all these fabrics. All of them.
This was a store called Modern Living. It was the most fun of all the stores.
This is Beaumont. He was the best part of the Modern Living store. I informed Matt that when we get a house with backyard, a standard poodle comes with it.
Not my favorite lamp, but a fun piece.
Now this is something I am kicking myself over. I didn’t even bother to check the price of these darling wooden wall decorations.
You can tell how my much my family was also enjoying this store.
Another dog!
So, for a town with a ton of gay men, there are an awful lot of scandalous retro women all over the place.
I mean, come on.

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