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A Co-Ed Lumber-Jill Shower

Maternity photos? Check!
Baby clothes made? Check!
Baby Shower thrown? Check!
Now all we need is the baby.
As you may have guessed, I helped throw the baby shower for Roman and Alaina with our friend Sarala. We had the affair at DeLuscious. I was in charge of decor and hosting, Sarala was in charge of food. Let me say, it went off without a hitch! R&A are having a girl, and DeLuscious was the perfect venue because it is pink. Alaina is from Canada and Roman is from Seattle. They are Autumnal snow-farers. Roman wears plaid flannel in any weather, and Alaina can be described as a tree-hugger. So, why not throw a Lumber-Jill Co-ed Baby Shower? Exactly! Why not!
Oh yes, and it wouldn’t be a party thrown by me unless I recruited friends for some DIY work. Don’t they look like they are having fun??? Actually, everyone was such a huge help. I’m grateful for Matt, Tony, Heather, Sarala, Damon and many others for making this event happen.
There was a “build-a-beard” craft table, but because of MOVEMBER and REASONS, many of the guests already came with beards, so I also made it a “Build a Woodland Creature” station.

Plaid flannel trees with woodland creatures as centerpieces? Yes.
I made these little trees which are wood veneer on one side and plaid flannel on the other. Guests wrote messages to the baby on them, which will eventually become a mobile (blog post to come later).
The basket photographed above was the prize for the winner of the baby trivia competition. It included pancake mix, vanilla bean maple syrup, granola, 1/2 pound Starbuck coffee, hot cocoa, Bush’s Baked Beans (vegetarians), a scarf and a hat. It was a good prize.
I made these apple cider cupcakes with waffe cones on top to look like trees.
Sar made these pot pies which were amaaaaazing.
Cutest chili station ever. Thanks, Sar!

The photo booth was utilized! Love these pics of Alaina, her mom, Grandmother and Aunt.
They guys brought the “co” to this co-ed shower.
Oh, yeah there’s some other familiar faces! šŸ™‚


  1. JoAnn says

    These pictures were awesome – this was this most creative baby shower theme that I have ever seen. We need you here in Chicago!

    • JoAnn, I love Chicago!! If you know someone who needs an event planner in Chi-town and can get me there, I’m in!

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