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What the what? Miri is doing a maternity shoot? Dang. I knew she could photograph food and all, but photographing people is a big jump! Hey guys, so yeah! I’ve been taking this photo class, learned a lot, and my friend Roman and Alaina asked me to photograph their maternity shoot. Honestly, I was a little nervous. I make my husband and dogs pose for me all the time, but a maternity shoot is important. Well, it’s a good thing that I have no lack of self-confidence, so I rented some lenses and we took off for the Santa Monica pier during the Golden Hour. Can I just say, that if you are going to do any sort of photo shoot in Southern California, you should do it at the Santa Pier during Golden Hour? With such good-looking subjects and such a beautiful setting at the perfect time, there’s no way these pictures could have gone wrong.
Now onto my subjects, Roman and Alaina (please listen to their music at This shoot was special, because not only is this couple having their very first baby, they also don’t have many photos of them as a couple. When R&A got married, the photographer (a friend of a friend) convinced them that he should shoot the occasion on film. Film is a great idea for beautiful pictures; however, if your photographer exposes all the film and you get no pictures, es no bueno. This photo session was just as much about Roman and Alaina as a couple as much as it was about the coming little Woodchuck, who is a long-awaited addition to this family. Not only are these parent-to-be talented musicians, they are also gifted graphic designers. Roman even designed this nifty little stamp for the bottom of my pictures! Pretty cool, eh?
So here’s the deal, I’m opening myself up to family shoots: engagements, maternity, babies, kids. Contact me if you like what you see, live in Southern California, and want a memorable photo session with your loved ones. You can email me at for more information. -Miri

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  1. Miri, you are really a natural! These photos are sensitive, lively, engaging and creative- not to mention very beautiful. They don’t seem at all like a first time couple’s shoot- I could imagine many of them in a magazine. Way to go!

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