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DIY Flannel Tree Mobile Tutorial


Need a break from food for a bit? I do. Today I have a pretty cool DIY project for y’all. Remember Roman & Alaina’s Co-Ed Baby shower a while back? I was inspired when I saw this mobile on Pinterest. It all just made sense. Their last name is Wood, they love flannel, we called the unborn baby Woodchuck. I made the decision to use this mobile as their guestbook. The guests signed their names on the wood side of each tree, and there love and well-wishes would flutter over sweet little Woodchuck as she slept.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Wood Veneer – You won’t find this at a store. I bought mine off of Ebay. This guy uses veneer for high-end projects and sells the remnants to crafters for about $18.00. It was perfect.

Flannel or fabric scraps, different colors and textures

Spray Adhesive

Strong scissors

Hole punch

Hemp twine

Embroidery hoop

Wooden bead


1. Cut out your wood veneer pieces into tree shapes

2. Punch holes at the top of each tree.

3. spray the less pretty side of the wood veneer with spray adhesive and lay it on the fabric. Allow the glue to dry, then cut the fabric to the size of the trees.

4. Cut the hemp twine in 3′ long pieces. Fold the twine pieces in half, loop the folded end through the hole punched part of the tree, then pull the loose ends through the folded end, securing the hemp twine to the tree.

5. Lay out the trees for people to sign them, provide permanent markers.





6. Once everything is signed, tie knots at the loose ends of the hemp twine. Create knots onto the inner embroidery hoop. See picture for reference:





7. Take 4 additional 3′ long pieces of hemp twine and tie them evenly around the hoop. Make sure the twine not connected to the trees is going up, and the hemp connected to the trees is going down. Secure outer embroidery hoop. See picture for reference:





8. Tie the four loose pieces of hemp twine together. Loop the loose ends through the wooden bead, then braid the pieces of hemp twine together, ending in a knot.

9. Hang over baby crib!





I know a lot of those directions probably didn’t make perfect sense, but hopefully the pictures helped. A little bit earthy, a little but rustic and a whole lotta cute.




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