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Nursery Is Done!



Hi All!


I have a CP post coming up, so I thought in the meantime, I’d post something a little lighter. Perhaps I’m a bit of a planner, or perhaps the fact that I’m practically on bed rest has got me a little bored, but aside from some handmade items coming our way, the nursery is almost done!


For those who don’t know, my husband and I live in an historic home with raw brick floors, some rock walls and large dark beams. It’s pretty cool-looking, but also really dark. I wish the landlord would have painted the walls bright white to make up for all the darkness. Instead, he painted the walls Swiss Mocha – the worst most generic off-white color in the history of rentals. I knew I would be spending a ton of time in the nursery, and I wanted it to be as bright as possible! It took some convincing, but my dad and my husband painted this room a bright white – not an easy task with a mixture of brick and rock walls. What came out of it is truly a breath of fresh air. It’s a good thing our landlord won’t let us paint any other rooms, but you can imagine what might get added to my honey’s honey-do list!





Remember this room is more for me than Baby N (I’m sure he doesn’t care), so I thought a fun, high-contrast, geometric theme would be pretty cool. I got the rug on sale from Costplus World Market, and I got the triangle decals from an online distributer called Urban Walls. It takes a lot of measuring, but applying the decals was really easy to do and makes a huge impact.




Now, relax y’all. I know the pillows and stuffed animals can’t be in the crib when the baby gets here. I’ll make sure to prop them up in some cute way on the floor. But the pillows stay for now! Otherwise, we’ve gone the distance to make baby messes cleaner. There is a mattress pad/protector underneath the bed sheet, then over the bed sheet is another smaller guard.





To the left of the crib is Matt’s dresser and closet (not much storage options in this house). Above Matt’s dresser we have original giraffe art by my friend Britta. On top of it is a frame for our first family photo, the only baby book we’ve received (thanks Jolene!), Sophie the Giraffe and a plant for oxygen. So far there are 3 giraffes in this room. It was not on purpose. Well, sort of not. I love giraffes.





The third giraffe is actually a noise machine with controls in the back. I love that this noise machine is small enough to attach to the stroller; however, once I placed it on the crib, it was apparent this giraffe was sentenced to death. It looks like it’s been lynched, right? Ugh, and it’s eyes are closed too. BUT, ah what do we have here? An elephant. I also love those.





Oh, this is a really important thing – a fan! Apparently it’s good to have a fan in the nursery to prevent SIDS, but in the West Valley summer, it’s just important, period. I’m working from home, because I cannot make it upstairs to my office, so the nursery has become my “home office.” It’s only fair, this used to be Matt’s office, but he’s taken up residence in part of our dining room to make way for Baby N.





To the right of the crib is the baby station. It includes an old side board that had previous lives as a TV stand and a bar. Today it holds baby clothes, a changing station, pharmacy type stuff, diapers, etc., etc., etc.




I found this super cute milk crate at Target. I originally bought it for Matt’s office, but he never put anything into it. Now it carries the 15 bamboo swaddlers given to us by friends and family as well as some burp cloths.




This bin has diapers, wipes, butt stuff, gauze for the circumcision, hand sanitizer and boogie mist, which was given to us with the directions “for the family” lol! (Thanks, Roman!) We have other various supplies in the cabinet immediately below this bin so we can refill in a pinch.





I placed the swaddlers on the left and the other stuff on the right, because when we change him, our little boy’s head will be toward the swaddlers. This is to protect them from any projectile urine that is bound to happen in the future.





Of course, I seriously hope he can’t shoot urine all the way to the TV! What? A TV in a nursery? Well, because Matt works in the dining room and because our dining room shares an open space with the living room, I wanted to make sure the nursery was as comfortable for me as possible, not to mention nursing for 45 minutes at a time demands some Netflix, right? We don’t have this TV hooked up to cable, just an antenna, and it’s a smart TV so we have all the streaming services available as well.


Below the TV is a fake fireplace/heater. This is one of the coldest rooms in the house during the winter, so we needed a safe space heater option, and our landlord happened to leave this in the house.


Above the TV are some printables I found online. I like that they are all black and white and all boyish in nature without being full on firefighter or astronaut. To the right is the mirror that belongs to Matt’s dresser which used to belong to my dad. Not very practical, but I like it, so it lives there.





Toys! You know you’re having a baby when Sophie enters your house (Thanks, Evy!). For those who don’t know, Sophie is a very expensive giraffe teething toy and babies just love it. We also found an Amish wooden rocking chair a consignment sale. I love it visually – just simple and perfect craftsmanship. When my nephew Luke came over, he jumped right on and started rocking, so it’s good that the rocking horse has practical use too. Not pictured is a ton of other baby toys my dad bought at a yard sale. I haven’t quite figured out where to put them yet, but I don’t think Baby N will be playing with them for a few months yet.





And yeah, for the not-so-glamorous part. This corner is where I sit. It’s been a little neglected, mostly because I never really look at it – I look from it! My mom is making me a black slip cover for the oatmeal colored glider, which will be great, because I’ll be able to wash it. We also have the dog bed. I read a lot about introducing baby to dogs, and in the end went with my gut. I knew the transition would be easier for the dogs if we made them a part of everything, so they have a special bed and food in the nursery. This way we won’t have to worry about them sneaking in and peeing on things, fingers crossed.
Of course, there were a lot of things I took out of the room before I photographed it, mostly anything that had to do with work as well as baby things that will not live in the nursery like a Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play and 4 Moms Mamaroo, which I’m assuming will either take up residence in our bedroom or the living room. In fact, here’s a list of things no pictured: Work Computer, Laptop Bag, Coupon Book, Lap desk, Rock ‘n’ Play, Mamaroo, Boppy, Lotion, Tums, DMV paperwork, Adult Coloring Book, Color Pencils, Dog Food/Water, Flip Flops.



  1. EvY says

    Nursery looks ready for a baby! So cute! Great idea on the tv there. You will be sitting there for so long, might as well get some episodes in.

    You know what surprised me was how few times Alice wet the crib sheets. It was mostly her and her clothes (and how!). Spit up on the other hand yikes. A big lifesaver were those swaddler blankets and burp cloths and changing pad liners. We draped them on all the surfaces we’d lay her and they protected those surfaces and the changing liners were clutch. She peed and pooped on the changing pad a lot though but the liners caught it and we didn’t have to wash the changing pad a million times. Of course I didn’t have to deal with a penis.

    • mirinadler says

      Yes! I saw those changing pad liners at Target. I’ve been thinking about purchasing some, and you’ve confirmed my choice. 🙂

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