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Lets Talk Target

Lets Talk Target



Hey guys, can we talk about Target for a sec?


I save a lot of my errands for Sunday. The reason? My husband is home on Sunday, and after I nurse the baby, I can say “Ok, I’m going out! The baby needs to go down for his nap at such and such time.” I transfer my phone and wallet to my small purse, and for 2.5 incredible hours I go out alone and get things done. Alone.


Last Sunday I went to LA Kids Consignment where I found some inexpensive goodies (I’ll post about that later), and I had to also pick up some breast milk storage bags at Target. Now, my home has been decorated the way I like it for some time, and because we live in an historic home, we don’t have much storage. We just don’t. Also, we’re kind of sort of living off of one income, and have to be careful about spending money. On top of that, we just don’t need extra stuff right now for reasons I’ll blog about at a later time.


For all these reasons, it makes total sense that Target decided to start selling stuff I just LOVE – and lots of it! Urgh – this was like when they started selling really cute clothes in the spring, and I was pregnant and it just ain’t fair. So everyone should be really proud of me because I wanted to purchase a ton of stuff, and I didn’t. I even picked up a put down a candle holder like 10 times, and I didn’t buy it. I left Target with 2 things I came in for (storage bags and diapers) and 3 things I didn’t – all of them cookie cutters, and all of them only a dollar each. Someone give me a freakin’ award.


Ok, so if space and money weren’t an issue, these are the items that Target has me losing my mind over.


Nate Berkus: Dangit Nate! I just love geometric stuff. You know me so well.




Copper: If I could cover my home in pennies I would.




Plaid: Cause I mean, come on. Plaid. It’s the best.




My husband should just be glad I didn’t see any of these hanging around. I wouldn’t have been able to resist, and they would have definitely come home with me.



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