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Thai Turkey Sliders

Thai Turkey Sliders


Yesterday I talked about how I wanted to make something easy last Shabbat, but because I’m an over-achiever I needed to make Parve Hawaiian Dinner Rolls from scratch. Well, this is the outcome of all that work, and yes, it was totally necessary.


I’ve said over and over and over again that ground turkey is by far the easiest kosher meat to find at the grocery store, if a grocery store carries kosher meat at all. White meats like turkey and chicken pair really well with bright, Asian flavors it seems dark meats like beef and lamb truly lend themselves better to traditional European comfort foods.


Thai Turkey Sliders


Asian meals also allow you to try different vegetables. This particular recipe uses bok choy as one of the fixings, which is a cool flavor to introduce among the spicy sriracha mayo and the sweet Hawaiian rolls.


Kosher note: This recipe calls for a Thai curry paste, and a kosher Thai curry paste is not easy to find. However, you can make it yourself. There are several recipes online including this one from Joy of Kosher. Also, the original recipe calls for fish sauce. I went ahead and used soy sauce, which offers the same saltiness. These ingredients are going in the actual burger patties themselves, so homemade versions are not going to make or break a dish.


Thai Turkey Sliders


What does make or break the dish? The sriracha mayo and those sweet, sweet Hawaiian rolls – so yum! Please note that the original recipe called for cilantro to be incorporated into the meat patty as well as a fixing on the bun, but I believe with all my heart that cilantro tastes like soap, so I left it out. What also goes really great with these sliders is Dry Cucumber Soda, and I’m totally obsessed. Dry sodas are new on the market (less than a year old), and come in the most unique flavors. Seriously, they are my new favorite.


Yep, this recipe has a lot of moving parts, but don’t let it intimidate you! Pin this and make it when you have a few days off!


Thai Turkey Sliders


This recipe is adapted from Marla Meredith.


Thai Turkey Sliders

Thai Turkey Sliders


  1. Turkey Sliders:
  2. • 1 pound Ground Turkey
    • 1/4 cup chopped Green Onion
    • 1 tablespoon Thai Curry Paste
    • 2 teaspoons Soy Sauce
    • 1 Lime, juiced
    • Garlic Powder
    • Black Pepper
    • 9 Bok Choy Leaves
    • Vegetable Oil
  3. Sriracha Mayo Sauce:
  4. • 1/2 cup Mayonnaise
    • 1 tablespoon Sriracha


  1. In a bowl season the meat with some garlic salt & pepper. Mix in the chili paste, soy sauce, lime juice & green onion.
  2. Form 9 small slider patties.
  3. Add some oil to the grill pan.
  4. Grill the burgers for a few minutes on each side until cooked through.
  5. Sriracha Sauce:
  6. Whisk together the Sriracha sauce, mayonnaise & a pinch of black pepper.
  7. Assembly:
  8. Spread some Sriracha on each piece of bread (top & bottom) Place a piece of bok choy on one side, place the slider on top of that and the other half of the bun.

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