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Fun with Headboards


I had mentioned in a previous post how the pain medication for my gallbladder surgery had sent me on a 3 hour bender looking at blue tufted wingback headboards. Well, to tell you the truth, this post by Emily Henderson really sent me there.


Our current home is an historical Spanish-style cave-ish dwelling tucked in a canyon around LA County. It isn’t anything if not quirky and charming and… cavernous. What I mean to say is, our house is dark. Don’t get me wrong, I really love it. I love the cozy, homey vibes. I love how strange it is. I love how it’s just authentically itself and not trying to achieve some era-gone-by architectural style. It was built in the 1920s to accomplish its purpose.


That said, in a few months we will need to leave our unique home. It works just fine as long as the bebe can’t go anywhere, but once he becomes mobile, this house is not baby-friendly, and there is no possible way to childproof it, unless you can think of a clever way to child-proof a wood burning stove an raw brick floors. The cave has been fun, but I really want the next house to be as bright as possible.




I have very detailed daydreams about ultra white walls, mid-century furniture, honey-toned wood and pops of color here and there. To tell the truth I’ve never put much thought into master bedrooms. I’m much more interested in having a styled kitchen and living room – you know, the places around the house people actually see? But now that we have a kid, I’m giving a lot of thought to the more personal spaces in our home. What should our retreat look like?


I’m a big fan of mixing mid-century furniture with some super-classic shapes like the wingback design. I’ve never had padded headboard. All my beds have been wrought iron or some other kind of metal. This makes reading in bed or nursing in bed practically impossible. The headboard in this Emily Henderson design is from Target (for whom Henderson is a spokesperson), but they no longer sell this headboard in this yellowish blue color. I went on my (legal) drug-induced search, and came up with these navy headboards that are similar.











One Kings Lane:



I don’t know. These all look so blah compared to the Henderson pics. I suppose Overstock has the most stand-out color, but who knows what color these headboards really are from pictures off the internet. I also found some non-wingback headboards.








Of all the headboards I think I like this last one from Overstock the most. What do you think?

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