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Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks

Hey guys! So in case you haven’t noticed, every week I’m trying to put up a post about something I’ve learned or am learning on this mommy journey. As I mentioned before, my husband and I are following Baby Wise, and we’ve gotten our little one on a pretty solid schedule. He sleeps through the night, and has good naps and full meals during the day.


At my baby shower one of my friends mentioned an app that helps you understand the different phases your child is going through and what to expect. It wasn’t long after I had my baby that I asked her to tell me what that was again. Wonder Weeks is a book that talks about the predictable brain developments of babies. I haven’t read the book, but frankly, the app is so thorough I don’t really feel I need to! The app is $2 and will alert you when your baby is about to go through a “leap”. During the leap, the baby may be more fussy, needy, sleep less, etc. It also tells you the new skills your baby will be developing during this time.


Wonder Weeks


This app has been so helpful in our parenting journey, because we know when and why S might need to nurse more frequently or could use an extra cuddle. It also helps us to not get frustrated when our baby isn’t exactly complying with the schedule. Keep in mind, we don’t deviate from the schedule during a “leap”, but sometimes we do need to be a little flexible as S is developing new skills. I think I read somewhere on Pinterest “just because your baby is going through a wonder week doesn’t mean you have to stop parenting him.” Too true – in fact, just the opposite!


Even more than knowing when and why our kid might be extra fussy, it’s fun to find out the new things he’ll be able to do… and actually watch him do those things! If you’re a new parent and trying to navigate your child’s moods, this app is definitely worth the $2!

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