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It looks like Snowmageddon is almost over for the east coast, and has been completely over since Saturday afternoon for where we live. While the south did not get as much snow, we did get an awful lot of ice, which I hear is more dangerous. I don’t actually know, because I haven’t left the house since Thursday.


See… ice! It was fun to live in a winter wonderland, even if only for a few days.


Everything was pretty uneventful for us. Matt and I binge-watched Making a Murderer. That documentary is excruciating, but we sobered ourselves by reading a bunch of Daily Wire articles about how Avery is guilty, including evidence that was not mentioned in the documentary. So at the end of the day, our opinion of Avery’s innocence is a big ‘ole shoulder shrug.


One big thing we learned was that our doxie mix Elijah LOVES the snow. He can’t stop playing in it, and we’ve had to bribe him with treats to come inside.


Our Bichon mix on the other hand – he could do without.


The Panthers are going to the Super Bowl and I pretty sure everyone here is pretty excited. I guess we need to make plans for this weekend, which I welcome, because I hate being cooped up. In other exciting news, we’re going to visit our giant moving boxes tomorrow to see if we can find a high chair.


The ice and snow was motivation enough for me to dust off the old camera, so here are some fun snaps. Hope everyone is staying safe out there!jonas11





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