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My North Carolina Dining Room

NC Dining Room

Hey, so you want to see my house?! I thought you might. Today on parade we have my dining room, which was actually the first room to be put together – probably because it’s the simplest? In North Carolina, people typically have a formal dining room and an eat-in kitchen. The formal dining room is usually hardly used. Well, I didn’t want that to be the case. We do use out formal dining room at least once a week for Shabbat.

NC Dining Room

Some of my favorite gifts from our wedding were our decanters, which we can have on display with glass water bottles and cocktail shaker. The chairs around our dining table are from Target, and the rug is actually two identical rugs I got from Urban Outfitters and sewed together.

NC Dining Room

And can we talk about these green curtains? They are from Ikea and I absolutely love them. My friend Jamie made a point to note that she gets some “serious Gone With the Wind vibes” from the drapes, and I’m totally ok with that.

NC Dining Room

I also got the chair pads from Ikea, and they were super cheap. This framed print of Bill Murray as some centuries old general of some sort is everything. On the inner wall I displayed some trays my dad got my mom from the Philippines. I don’t know if she actually is aware I have these all the way in North Carolina, so HEY MOM!

NC Dining Room

On our sideboard/bar thing, I have Shabbat candles, the Phrenology head I bought Matt as a hat holder and some coffee pots. The shorter pot I bought when I was in Kuwait, the larger one my dad gave me and I presume he found it at a flea market or something like that. The plant is seeking a home in my home right now. It was originally meant for our bedroom, but the baby toppled if over from our night stand. Also, I feel like maybe the bedroom doesn’t get enough light. In fact, one thing I wasn’t prepared for was our entire house not getting much light in summer. Now that the forest in back yard has filled out, things get rather dim in our house, which is a huge bummer.

NC Dining Room

Our sideboard/bar has all the serving ware and glass ware I just love, most of it gifts for our wedding. The bar is from Costplus World Market. It’s probably one of the more expensive pieces in my home, and by expensive, I mean we paid out of pocket full price.

NC Dining Room

The table itself is from my Aunt Betty’s house and is old, old, old. My great, great uncles’ gum is still attached to the bottom of it! I’m trying to decide if we should give this table some much-needed TLC, or if we should leave as is. My son’s bris took place on this table, so it’s pretty special to us. On top is a galvanized tray from Target and some place mats and napkins from Costplus World Market.

NC Dining Room

And that’s our happy little dining room! Notice there is a light on inside the room and outside the room. This picture was taken in the middle of the day. Our house is THAT dark, lol!


  1. Jolie Klassen says

    Love!!! Those chairs are in my wish list for my patio table when it gets built 🙂

    • mirinadler says

      They are least expensive ones I could find. Definitely invest in chair cushions though.

  2. What a fun eclectic dining room! I love the unique style you have. And, “Gone with the Wind” curtains are the perfect Southern fit.

  3. Cool tour! I laughed out loud as soon as I saw the Bill Murray print – that’s a fun touch!

    • mirinadler says

      Thanks, Liz. I like to keep things a little quirky around here.

  4. Kids Travel Books says

    I love everything about this room. That bill murray print, that awesome side table, the combination of things from target and from travels and from family. So much personality and you make it look so effortless. Love!

    • mirinadler says

      Bill is always a big hit – at least I like to think he is. 🙂

  5. Stacy Harrison says

    Pretty, unique, and stylish! Love, love those green curtains.

  6. Lauren DiPego Plotkin says

    I totally love the curtains too! And those dining chairs!

    • mirinadler says

      My in-laws are in Charlotte. Are you part of the NC Bloggers Network too?

  7. Mandi Korn says

    I love all the colors of the room, and the feeling of the room itself. We have just started with our formal dining room, which is outside on our upstairs deck. Yes, it is outside….we are lucky to have the space:o) Your room is an inspiration

    • mirinadler says

      Awww, thanks! I would love to have a dining room outside.

  8. Chanel van Reenen says

    i love all the pieces you chose! you have great taste. the chairs are my favorite 🙂

  9. Um, I am obsessed with those green curtains! I love the color. Also I have almost the same chairs and will have to look into those chair lads! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Sarah Louise Zerbe says

    Very pretty, love all the little touches it brings everything together.

  11. Kristen Osborne says

    Such great touches to make the space fell welcoming ☺ wonderful post

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