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I’m a Republican, I Live in a Swing State and I’m Voting for Evan McMullin

I’m a Republican, I Live in a Swing State and I’m Voting for Evan McMullin

Pictures used with permission from the Evan McMullin Campaign.

You’re voting for Evan McWho? I’m voting for Evan McMullin for President. McMullin announced his candidacy for President on August 8th. Many pundits have dismissed his entrance into the race as “late in the game”  and a pipe dream. The truth is, Evan McMullin is the best candidate for president, and deserves your vote in November.

I began this election cycle as a Fiorina supporter. I was a fan of her ever since she ran for Senate and ran that odd demon sheep ad. When she suspended her campaign, I went on the search for my next Presidential candidate to support and landed on Ted Cruz. My heart sank when he too suspended his campaign. In fact, I think I cried. I wasn’t fully ready to pull the #NeverTrump card, but I did feel a little hopeless and helpless. After watching the obnoxiously garish Republican National Convention, and after hearing Cruz’s words to “vote your conscience,” my mind was set. There is no way I can vote for Donald Trump.

Why Evan McMullin?

I’m a Republican, I Live in a Swing State and I’m Voting for Evan McMullin

McMullin has served his country and directly worked to defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism.

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest threat to our American way of life is the spread of ISIS and Radical Islamic Terror, which uses the internet to recruit homegrown terrorists to commit acts of horrific violence on their local communities. For this reason, I believe it’s necessary that the next Commander in Chief understands the digital landscape, has an intimate knowledge of how terrorist cells operate and communicate, and also grasps the plight of the worldwide Muslim community who represents the first and most victims of Radical Islamic Terror.

Evan McMullin was a Clandestine Officer in the CIA – or in other words, a spy. Though there’s no way to know what McMullin actually did in the CIA, we do know he was stationed in the Middle East. I’m just going to imagine he was like Quinn in Homeland (Sure, Quinn was technically Black Ops, but who I am going to compare McMullin to, Carrie? I don’t think so).

Why is this important? Evan McMullin understands the importance of developing good relationships with the Islamic community at home and abroad, and protecting assets who have risked life and limb to uncover intelligence for the United States.

Trump has startled the world with his bombastic language, effectively marginalizing the Muslim community at large. This is unbecoming and unAmerican. Hillary Clinton has shown utter lack of concern for the security of United States assets by sending and receiving email on an easily-hacked, insecure server. Even if one gave Clinton the benefit of the doubt – that her server was just a foolish oversight – that oversight indicates she is woefully unprepared for the highest office in the land.

I’m a Republican, I Live in a Swing State and I’m Voting for Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin is passionate about States’ Rights

While the Obama administration is rather fond of executive orders, McMullin wants to restore sovereignty to the states. Many times when Evan is asked his position on issues like education, he declines to comment saying “I believe that is a matter for the states to decide.” What a novel concept! In many interviews on news outlets and talk radio shows, McMullin has said over and over again that his desire is for the federal government to get out of people’s lives and out of people’s way. In order for citizens to live in a representative government, it is crucial that the majority of laws are enacted on the local level.

It goes without saying that Clinton is fan of a strong centralized federal government, having tried to establish her own version of universal health care during her husband’s administration. No one can truly know what a Trump administration would entail, but his rhetoric has indicated a top-down/dictatorship approach with the moniker “I alone can fix.”

Evan McMullin is a real conservative.

Both Clinton and Trump have voiced their opposition to TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). TPP would would establish more free trade with neighboring countries. Free trade and the free market is a foundational principle of conservative ideology. The freer these relationships are, the cheaper goods become and more technology and options are available to the masses. Evan McMullin supports TPP. He has also been critical of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for his anti-libertarian views regarding religious liberty.

Evan takes a traditional conservative position on a number of other issues including border security, the Second Amendment, abortion and healthcare. He has mentioned that he is passionate about creating an economic climate that creates jobs, helping to diminish poverty.

I’m a Republican, I Live in a Swing State and I’m Voting for Evan McMullin

Why should you be enthusiastic about the Evan McMullin Presidential Campaign?

As this presidential race goes on, I seem to run across more and more conservative Millennials with a rather dismal view of the next few years, some of whom don’t even want to vote at all. To many, Trump is laughably unqualified and Clinton is utterly disqualified from presidency. Millennial and other conservatives are desperate to support a candidate they can VOTE FOR (as opposed to voting against someone else). But while the Republican and Democrat presidential options seem pitiful, there are several seats in Congress and the Senate that are up for grabs. Candidates running for these positions need conservatives to show up at the polls. People need to know that there are more than two choices out there, in fact, there is a great choice out there, and it’s never too late to do the right thing.

I live in North Carolina where the deadline for getting on the ballot has already passed. I will most likely have to write in Evan McMullin in order to vote for him, but there are several key states where the McMullin campaign is working hard to qualify for the ballot, and one of those states may be yours!

Want to learn more about Evan McMullin?

Check out one of his longer interview with Glenn Beck here.

Also, this TED Talk is a great introduction:


  1. Sean Emslie says

    Great post Miri!

    It seems we followed the same path to Evan: Carly to Cruz to Despair to Evan…Though I was solidly a Never Hillary person, I had to fight the draw to Trump to stop Hillary and take the least worst of 2 evils. It will be nice to have an option, though it looks like California doesn’t allow write-ins for President. Maybe he can find a 3rd party in North Carolina like he did in Minnesota so your vote can count.

  2. moremane says

    America is SO tired of the Jewish disease. All you bring is degeneracy, pain, and suffering. You’re parasitic rats. You stowaway into nations that blood, sweat, and tears built, and destroy them from the inside. I can’t wait until Iran nukes Israel and kills half of your people. Then maybe you can get a taste of the terror you cause innocent children to feel everyday.


  3. Summerwarmth says

    Hillary sends her thanks! Why when the election this time is so important to save the US You would throw away your vote and enable Hillary is beyond me but to each their own. If Hillary wins please make sure as the US crumbles and she destroys the SCOTUS to look in the mirror and proudly remind yourself that you were a Hillary enabler.

    I too went the Cruz route and worked for his election but in the end I am neverhillary and will vote to keep her out of office.

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