Month: November 2016

Sweet Potato and Carmelized Onion Skillet Meal

Sweet Potato and Carmelized Onion Skillet Meal

I saw this recipe for this Sweet Potato and Carmelized Onion Skillet Meal, and I knew it was perfect because it was quick, easy, only used on pan, met my diet requirements and I could add that leftover turkey to it. The dish in its original form was parve (with a butter substitute), which is great because you can keep it that way as a savory side with a roast chicken, or if you are having a vegetarian meal smother it in some cheese. The flavors totally come through, but it still feels like a clean, wholesome healthy meal.

Samoa Sufganiyot

Chanukah Sufganiyot Six Ways

I make sufganiyot, from scratch. Thinking sufganiyot is too hard to make? Well, you’d be wrong. It’s easier to make than Challah, and frankly, if you celebrate Chanukah, you should buy yourself a deep fryer. My Chanukah Sufganiyot are more than just boring old jelly donuts. I love to experiment with different flavors and textures to create a Chanukah Sufganiyot experience.

S'mores Sufganiyot

S’mores Sufganiyot (Chanukah Donuts)

S’mores are everyone’s favorite summertime treat. Unfortunately, most marshmallows are not kosher, and for years s’more have been off-limits for kosher-keepers. Well, there are some kosher marshmallows on the market now, but did you know that marshmallow fluff has always been kosher? It’s pretty simple to make, and is great for fluffernutters, and, oh yeah, s’mores sufganiyot. What a time to be alive!

Samoa Sufganiyot

Samoa Sufganiyot (Chanukah Donuts)

We’re quite a few month out from Girl Scout Cookie Season, but there’s no reason we can’t enjoy our favorite flavors throughout the year. I received a box of goodies from Crafted Kosher, and in it were these divine (and I mean DIVINE) Cocomels. They are parve (non-dairy) caramels (though they are made on dairy equipment). I also got a bar of Hammonds Dark Chocolate, and thought I could use it to make some chocolate pastry cream – yum! Samoa Sufganiyot were the first new creations that came to my mind, and I seriously have no regrets. To die for.

AllSpice Blueberry Sufganiyot

AllSpice Blueberry Sufganiyot (Chanukah Donuts!)

When it comes to comfort food, creativity is often best left on the back-burner. Sufganiyot (traditional Chanukah Jelly Donuts), on the other hand, is the perfect traditional Jewish dish where your imagination can and should run wild. It’s true, blueberry and allspice are not often spoken in the same sentence, much less the same recipe, but these AllSpice Blueberry Sufganiyot will truly knock your socks off.

Target Black Friday List

My Target Black Friday List

It’s Thanksgiving Week, and in my house, that means Black Friday is coming. For me, Black Friday doesn’t really happen unless it’s a Target Black Friday. Any good shopper knows that if you’re in Target on Black Friday, you must check any online deals before you purchase an item in the store. You are likely to find free shipping and possibly a cheaper price for the same item.