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GIVEAWAY: Greenshield Organic & Green Piñata Toys

Healthy Holiday GIVEAWAY with Greenshield Organic & Green Piñata Toys

This is a special mid-week blog post about something very exciting, A GIVEAWAY! I can’t wait to tell you about the Healthy Holiday Giveaway from Greenshield Organic and Green Piñata Toys. Full disclosure: I work at Greenology Products, which makes Greenshield Organic, so this is not a sponsored post, but this promotion is my baby, so I thought I’d tell you all about it here too!

Healthy Holiday GIVEAWAY with Greenshield Organic & Green Piñata Toys

First, let me tell you about Greenshield Organic. Greenshield Organic is the first line of USDA certified organic cleaning products. See that black circle on top of the label in the picture above? That’s how you know something is really, truly organic. Many products claim to be natural, but that term is not regulated, and anyone can make “natural” claims. Neither Seventh Generation, nor Method, nor Mrs. Meyers can make organic claims about their cleaning products, but Greenshield Organic is the real deal.

The Greenshield Organic brand has been a favorite of organic enthusiasts and those with severe allergies, but it’s really important that moms, especially moms of young children, consider changing up their cleaning routines. Babies put everything in their mouths, and I mean EVERYTHING. Currently, my child has taken to letting the dog lick inside his mouth (it’s so gross, it’s so gross). Think about it. When your kiddo is putting his hands in his mouth, he’s also putting everything he’s touched in his mouth, too. That includes all the toxic chemicals used in cleaning products for your hard surfaces, carpets and clothes.

Healthy Holiday GIVEAWAY with Greenshield Organic & Green Piñata Toys

Also, think about the number of children who go to the hospital each year from ingesting cleaning products (hint: it’s too many). Don’t get me wrong, I still keep all my cleaning products out of reach of my son, but I have a sense of comfort knowing that if for some reason he got into my organic cleaning products, we wouldn’t be making a trip to the ER.

And these organic products really work! I’ve been using them in my house for the last six months. My house is clean, and now I can barely walk down a cleaning aisle at Target, because the toxic smells are too overwhelming.

Healthy Holiday GIVEAWAY with Greenshield Organic & Green Piñata Toys

Green Piñata Toy Share is a toy rental service, and it’s seriously the best idea, ever. I hate toy clutter. I love watching my son have fun with his toys, but as soon as he goes to bed, his toys go in bins and out of my sightline. Also, most toys are really ugly, and my kid can lose interest pretty quickly. Green Piñata solves these problems for you. By essentially renting toys, Green Piñata helps you keep down the clutter with beautiful, wooden, age-appropriate toys. Each month you back them up, and ship them back, ready for some new ones to dazzle the apple of your eye. All the toys are made from ethically sourced materials, and are cleaned with – you guessed it – Greenshield Organic cleaners.

Healthy Holiday GIVEAWAY with Greenshield Organic & Green Piñata Toys

My son has had a blast playing with these toys, and they are so aesthetically pleasing, I don’t mind him having them out during the day as much as I do his other toys. I was actually surprised at how quickly he took to them. No music, no flashing lights, but they seemed to occupy him for a long time.

So, now that I’ve sold you on these two brands, let’s talk about the giveaway. Between now and November 17th, you have a chance to win a free month of a Green Piñata subscription along with an array of Greenshield Organic cleaning products including Baby Free and Clear Laundry Detergent, Baby Dish Soap, Baby Multi-Purpose Spray, All-Purpose Spray, Glass Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Pet Stain & Odor Remover, as well as some other goodies.

Healthy Holiday GIVEAWAY with Greenshield Organic & Green Piñata Toys

To enter, follow Greenshield Organic and Green Pinata’s social channels through the link below; you get one entry per social channel you follow. :
Green Shield Organic Healthy Holiday Giveaway
Don’t keep this good news to yourself – tell your friends! Pin the pic below.

Healthy Holiday GIVEAWAY with Greenshield Organic & Green Piñata Toys


  1. Chanel van Reenen says

    just entered this amazing giveaway! this service is so genius and would save a ton of money!

  2. Lauren DiPego Plotkin says

    I am always looking for greener products for our home and I am definitely going to try Greenshield! And I love those toys and I know my daughter would love them too! Entered to win!

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