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Losing Locks: Baby’s First Haircut

Losing Locks: First Haircut

People say parenting is bittersweet. I’ve heard the stories of parents crying when their babies go to school for the first time. I know there are so many big milestones along the way and this is only the beginning, but y’all, my baby got his first haircut. HIS FIRST HAIRCUT! I don’t even know how I’m typing this right now, I’m still feeling emotional about it. My son was born with a full head of hair, and it’s always been full for its age. I knew this day would come sooner than I desired, but all the emotions have hit me hard at once.

Losing Locks: First Haircut

Look at his little curls. There they go! Those precious locks started growing in my womb. They survived cradle cap and several washings. Those tresses have seen the likes of sweet potato, spaghetti, peanut butter, chocolate and birthday cake. I’ve run my fingers through those curls when he was sick and put them in a man-bun when we were being silly. And now they are gone, gone, because he had to have his first haircut. Well, not gone. They actually handed me a baggy with his curls. I’ll keep it forever.

Losing Locks: First Haircut

We went to JJ’s Kids Cuts in Raleigh, recommended to me by my Raleigh Jewish Moms Facebook group. It was great. First, they have you pick out a movie. I forget the name of the movie we picked out, but it had a dog right on the cover, so I was sure it would be a hit (and it was!). The salon chairs are little cars, so they can hold on to the wheel and watch their favorite movie while gets their hair cut.

Losing Locks: First Haircut

Our hair stylist was Shakeshia who was wonderful. She asked what we’d like, and, much to my husband’s shock I spurted out “can you give him one of those hipster undercuts?” She was like “Oh yeah, we can do that!” Shakeshia was so patient and quick too!Ā She even got the nape of his neck straight when the clippers scared him and he began to fuss.

Losing Locks: First Haircut

Oh, can we talk about this pic with my husband in the background? I think this is one of my favorite pictures of all time. He’s not a good dad, he’s a GREAT dad. I love watching him love our son.

Losing Locks: First Haircut

So here’s his cool new cut! Looking good, right? If you are Jewish you may be wondering why we didn’t grow it out until 3 years to do an upshernish. Well, the truth is he has such a baby face, he’s often mistaken for a girl. Also, he has very curly hair, but with the dry winter rolling in, it was kind of laying weird and flat on his head and getting in his eyes. While an upshernish would have been special, we found this alternative to be pretty special too, and now our little boy looks so grown up!

Losing Locks: First Haircut

Hello there, little boy. You survived your first haircut. Now, don’t grow up too fast!


  1. So sweet! My big boys didn’t get haircuts until 5! They had crazy curls everywhere. My second has grown it out again and his curls are well past shoulder length. Over 5 years later and I still have their braids in my special baby stuff for them.The baby hasn’t had a haircut yet and he will be 3 very soon! We will likely grow it until he asks to have it cut like his brothers did. We live in Hawaii though, so long hair is fairly common. They still got mistaken for girls all the time though.

  2. That haircut looks darling on him! What a milestone. I still remember my daughters’ first hair cuts. It was a proud moment! One day I get to enjoy this day with the little one. And yes, they grow too fast! Hope we can all hold onto time a little longer

  3. DearLyndsey says

    I cried when we got my sons hair cut for the first time. Those curls are so cute and he looks so handsome. =)

  4. Nicole says

    Oh my! What a cutie šŸ™‚ My son hated having his hair cut the first time – the pictures from that day are crazy.

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

  5. Tineke F says

    Ahw amazing pics! My sister is a hairdresser so she did his first (and second, and third) haircut šŸ™‚

  6. Congrats on YOUR big milestone! I think it’s harder on the parents than the kids sometimes. It’s amazing how haircuts make babies look so much older!

  7. Your boy is so adorable! My baby girl (well, she’s 2) got her first haircut last week. I held off as long as I could. You’re right – totally bittersweet.

  8. Bethany Mitchell says

    He’s such a cutie! My 3 year old has curls too so when it get’s too long it’s craaaazy

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