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LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

Ever think toĀ yourself “My life is just not busy enough?” No? Well, I’m all about that hustle, to a fault. Like, I feel guilty each moment I’m not doing something to further my career, blog presence or help my family. Perhaps it’s a mom thing. Maybe I’m just a born entrepreneur? In any case, on top of my full-time job, full-time blog and full-time wife/mother gigs, I’ve become a LuLaRoe Retailer.

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

LuLaRoe has become pretty popular as of late, and it’s easy to see why. Those buttery soft leggings must be made of angel sneezes, because they are a spit of heaven. More than that, all the clothes – dresses, skirts and shirts are so, so comfortable, yet somehow very put together. I like to call it pretty athleisure.

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

So how did I find myself here, selling the stuff? Well, let me take you back a few years. One evening in 2014 I felt a tingling in my back, and whatever the tingling was, it didn’t feel good. Suddenly a very strong and relentless pain started in my abdomen. The pain was worse than anything I have ever experienced. In all honesty, in those moments I was wishing for death. My husband was helpless, watching my writhe in pain. Then after fifteen minutes, the pain suddenly subsided, and I was fine.

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

For almost two years this pain would continue. I never knew when an attack would strike, and the attacks would happen months apart or days apart. Each time I knew I had to get it checked out, but once the pain subsided I forgot. I didn’t know what was causing this pain, but I became anxious about putting anything tight around my stomach. I only wanted to wear loose-fitting clothing, but it seemed that everything I wore looked sloppy. These abdomen attacks actually continued throughout my pregnancy. Finally, two months after I had my son, I had another painful attack. This would not do, so I made an appointment with the doctor the next day. Turns out I had gallstones, and shortly thereafter, surgery to remove my gallbladder.

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

Though the pain left me, the desire to wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes did not. I can’t stand wearing jeans or anything that slightly resembles discomfort. Perhaps this is also because I’m a mom, and mama don’t got time for that! I’ve had a lot of friends who have entered the mompreneur club, and it is seriously never anything I had considered. However, I began to see people on Facebook and elsewhere ask “Can anyone direct me to a LuLaRoe consultant? I need an Irma!” Yep, something about LuLaRoe just seemed different… and lucrative! As I learned more, I realized that LuLaRoe had more of a franchise model than a straight network marketing model.

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

Then I tried on the clothes.

HOLY COW! What the what? How do I look so cute and feel so comfortable? I was sold. Through a serendipitous circumstance I was connected with my LuLaSponsor Ali, and have been on this journey ever since.

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

Last weekend was my official launch. I decided to do a Brunch ‘n Browse. A little waffles, some mimosas, good conversations and beautiful, beautiful clothes. We had so much fun and everyone left with something. Best of all, a dear friend gave me a hug and thanked me for doing this. She was blown away that she actually found clothes that felt good and looked good and made her feel good inside.

To see my inventory and shop my store you can join my Facebook VIP Group, but I want to do you one better. I want to give away $100 of LuLaCash! All you need to do is fill out the form below, and there are multiple ways to enter!
$100 LuLaCash Giveaway

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!


  1. Blair says

    Im excited for your new adventure. You are one of the smartest and hard working friends I know and have no doubt you will succeed šŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE LULAROE! My husband makes fun of me. I have so many pieces right now. I just followed your VIP page, look for at least one buy from me next month!

  3. Love Lularoe! I honestly didn’t think I would love it as much as I do! I’m so excited for you, good luck with this, I really, really wish you the best!

  4. Corrin perkins says

    I entered and did all the extras for you šŸ˜Š So excited to be entered!! I am new to Lula and so excited to have my collection grow.

  5. Theresa says

    Congratulations on your new adventure and good luck!!!
    I’m searching for the samore’s leggings, blue with Blackbird, snake, and of love to own at least one to lol.. Only own 3 leggings.. This is new to me! Joined!!

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