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The Nadler Family Is in Need!

The Nadler Family Is in Need!

Whelp, I’ve never done this before, and I don’t plan on making it a habit, but I’m reaching out to our family, friends and readers to let you know we found ourselves in quite a pickle. We are in need of your help.

My husband and I have been driving around two very small cars: a Nissan Versa and a Scion TC. Both are older, but completely paid for; and while not ideal for our family, they were adequate for getting us from A to B. The Nissan was our “family car” as it had four doors, and the Scion was our “commuter car,” because it is a coupe. A week ago, my husband was in an accident while driving the Nissan Versa. He is fine, but today we learned the Versa didn’t survive. It was totaled. We are left with the Scion to fit our entire family. See pic below of the Scion barely containing my LuLaRoe inventory.

The Nadler Family Is in Need!

Forget LuLaRoe for second. The Scion TC CANNOT be our family car. Our son is still rear-facing in his car seat, and getting him into the car seat is an athletic feat. Actually, I almost find it easier to get him into the car seat from the trunk. Also, there isn’t enough room for the car seat in the back and a passenger to sit up front. Long story short, our plan is to trade in the Scion and use the money from our totaled car to go down to one family minivan.

The Nadler Family Is in Need!

One problem: after using the funds from our two cars, to purchase even the most modest of minivans, we are about $20K short. Don’t worry. I’m not setting up a Go Fund Me page or asking anyone to donate blood. Nothing like it. You see, my husband and I have this great LuLaRoe business. For those who don’t know, LuLaRoe makes modest, comfortable women’s clothing that looks great. I mean, look at these pics of me below. Adorable, right?

The Nadler Family Is in Need!

My inventory doesn’t live in a catalogue or on a website. It lives in my house and is unique to me! My husband and I have had a blast taking care of our customers, and we need to expand that customer base. You can help us do that work toward our new family car in the following ways:

1. Shop the my inventory in my LuLaRoe VIP Group! I love serving my customers and would be greatly humbled by your support of my family’s small business.

2. Host an in-home pop-up! I bring my entire inventory to your house, and you earn a free pair of leggings and one free item of your choice for every 10 sold. In-home pop-ups are an amazing opportunity to have a lot of fun and earn free clothes. And believe it or not, I am very skilled at getting my entire inventory in my coupe. I can travel anywhere in NC and southern VA. [Fill out this form to let us know your interest!]

3. Host an online pop-up! Live outside of NC? The internet can bring us together. You invite at least 50 of your friends to your online party and they shop the albums in my VIP Group. You earn a free pair of leggings and 10% of all sales to use toward a purchase. While online pop-ups aren’t typically as successful as in-home pop-ups, they are still an excellent chance to earn free clothes! [Fill out this form to let us know your interest!]

4. Tell your family and friends by sharing this blog post. If they love Lula, by shopping with us they will be helping to support a family who has been really struggling to get ahead.

5. Pray for us. It never hurts!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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  1. Arlene Lawson says

    Somehow I cannot bring the pictures of the clothes I would love to see them in order to order

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