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LuLaRoe Retailers Raise Over $4K for NDSS in Response to Recent Controversy

LuLaRoe Retailers Raise Over $4K for NDSS in Response to Recent Controversy

No two LuLaRoe retailers are the same. Short, tall, big and small, some retailers are stay at home moms, some are doctors, some are physically disabled and some run marathons… for fun (seriously, who does that?). This week, a diverse and generous group came together, and LuLaRoe retailers raised over $4300 for the National Down Syndrome Society.

Why Younger Families Should Adopt an Older Dog

Five Reasons Why Young Families Should Adopt an Older Dog

When families with young kids consider getting a dog, they often prefer an energetic puppy. I get it. Your kids like to play, and you want a companion for them who also likes to play. There’s also the idea that you can mold the puppy into being the dog you want it to be. Well, I’m here to make the case that the best dogs for young families are older dogs.

Mary Poppins at the NC Theatre

Mary Poppins at NC Theatre

Every once in a while I get to participate in some really cool things that I get to let y’all know about. So when I was invited to attend the opening show of Mary Poppins at the NC Theatre, I was beyond excited. We were also invited to enjoy appetizers and drinks in the Backers Club beforehand (not a bad way to start the night). Bit of trivia about me: my absolute most favorite movie is Mary Poppins. I can quote the whole thing to you, sing all the songs word-for-word.

GOP Presidential Election

That Time I Met 4 Presidential Candidates in a Week

I’m a Californian. That means for all of my adult life my vote has never counted in a national election. I don’t ever remember any candidate, much less a GOP candidate, visiting anywhere in my state for a rally or town hall. Democrats come to fund raise, but that’s about it. The Primary election isn’t until June 2nd in California, and during the November election it’s a foregone conclusion that California will turn a bright shade of blue – like the ocean! Then we moved to the Carolinas. Hold the phone, I get to vote on March 15th? In a swing state? Crazy. Wait, I border an early primary state? Even better. Truth be told, my candidate was Carly Fiorina. I think she had the strongest and clearest voice among all the GOP nominees, and I don’t know an elephant or donkey who didn’t relish the idea of a Fiorina/Clinton showdown. However, my dreams were dashed on February 10th when my girl dropped out. All the other candidates were hitting the campaign trail in South …

Fuller House: My 10 Demands

The release of the Netflix revamp Fuller House is two weeks away, and I approach this date with excitement and hesitation. When you get married, you see sides of your spouse you had never noticed before. My spouse was completely unprepared to witness my Full House fandom. I remember one time when I was a little girl I was so excited to watch Full House, and had anticipated the event all day. When the time came (I believe it aired at 8pm), I had fallen asleep, only to wake up in time for the closing credits. Inconsolable cannot even begin to describe the state I was in. So, so sad. I was completely beside myself. As my mom was trying to comfort me she said “It’s ok, we’ll get a VCR so we can record Full House and you won’t have to worry about missing it again.” They did get a VCR, and they did record a ton of episodes that my sister and I watched over and over again. Most episodes I can quote …