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Mary Poppins at the NC Theatre

Mary Poppins at NC Theatre

Every once in a while I get to participate in some really cool things that I get to let y’all know about. So when I was invited to attend the opening show of Mary Poppins at the NC Theatre, I was beyond excited. We were also invited to enjoy appetizers and drinks in the Backers Club beforehand (not a bad way to start the night). Bit of trivia about me: my absolute most favorite movie is Mary Poppins. I can quote the whole thing to you, sing all the songs word-for-word.

NC Dining Room

My North Carolina Dining Room

Hey, so you want to see my house?! I thought you might. Today on parade we have my dining room, which was actually the first room to be put together – probably because it’s the simplest? In North Carolina, people typically have a formal dining room and an eat-in kitchen. The formal dining room is usually hardly used. Well, I didn’t want that to be the case. We do use out formal dining room at least once a week for Shabbat.

Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

You know what happens this weekend? Shavuot – that time of year when Jews who are hopelessly lactose intolerant pump themselves full of cheesecake and stay up all night – not unlike an 11-year-old’s birthday sleep over. In Judaism it is known as the day that Moses came down the mountain with the 10 commandments. In Christianity it is known as Pentacost – when God sent the Holy Spirit. Both are about revelation, but I to be honest I really don’t know what revelation has to do with eating dairy. My family has been on a long journey – one I can barely understand how we withstood. Our lives have changed drastically. It’s not just the baby and the move. Everything about living in North Carolina is different than California – and by different I mean better… mostly. Yeah, it’s cheaper to live here, and we definitely have more space. That was a given. But there are several things we didn’t necessarily know would be the case. Time. It’s odd, but I feel like we …

Easy Galette Des Rois

Sometimes when cruising Pinterest I run across a picture of food that takes my breath away. I usually dismiss the pin, thinking it is some kind of specialty food that I have neither the tool nor skill to replicate. After the same pin pops up over and over again, I’ll pin it. Why not? Just because I pin something doesn’t mean I have to make it, right? So there the picture is, pinned to one of my boards that I frequently review for the next culinary delight I’m ready to make. It’s taunting me. It’s just so darn pretty, but the pin is in French, and even if I can use Google translate to help me out, ain’t no way I’m going to translate the ingredients from the metric system. No, no, no. I refuse. Then, finally, I’m feeling good, really good. Brave, even. I’m going to punch this French recipe in the face along with the metric system. Here we go. I’m clicking on the picture, waiting for the site with the recipe to …