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Adventures in Baby Led Weaning

Adventures in Baby Led Weaning (Part 1)

My little guy is a Baby Wise baby. He has slept through the night since he was 6 weeks old. Even after our move across the country, he was faithful to sleep between 11-12 hours a night. A few weeks ago my husband headed out west with his friend Robert to finish packing up our house then driving across the country. That’s when everything changed. My son started getting up once in the night, usually between 4 and 5am. Not a big deal. After a few nights of this I began nursing him, and putting him back down. I figured daddy being gone was causing some stress and he needed extra comfort. It continued like this, even after my husband came back. But instead of waking up once per night, he was waking 2x a night. What gives? We hadn’t been doing anything different when it came to feedings or naps. One thing I noticed was that when S did wake up he was ravenous… so hungry! Quickly, I began losing sleep, losing my patience …

Farewell Fourth Trimester

Good Riddance Fourth Trimester

I had a hellish pregnancy. If you aren’t new to my blog, you are well aware of this. So when people began warning me of the 4th trimester late into my pregnancy, I pretty much put my fingers in my ears. I didn’t want to hear it. Then the baby came and I was so busy with learning about nursing and baby schedules. I was also in the tumult of redefining who I am – a mother, and easing into that new identity. The days and nights went on and on. The baby was attached to me and I to him. My husband was supportive and would give a break every now and then by watching the baby so I could go to Target by myself. I learned I needed to get gallbladder surgery, and faced a good amount of meshugas to get it done close to my parents’ house, so I could have help caring for the baby while I was recovering. After Thanksgiving, we came back home. The feeling was wonderful to finally …

merlin sleep suit

Next Best Thing to the Swaddle!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know how much I believe in swaddling to ensure your little one gets a good night sleep, and even did this easy Russian swaddle tutorial a few weeks back that has been keep to helping our guy to sleep through the night. Well, eventually your little one will break through the swaddle, and it happened to us. Hello 4am – it’s been a while since I’ve seen you!

After a few nights of waking at 4am to find my lovely swaddle in shambles, we decided it was no longer safe to swaddle the baby, because the extra loose fabric could be a SIDS risk. As far as I knew the only other option was a sleep sack. So we put S in a sleeper and zipped up the sleep sack leaving his hands free to roam about. Yeah, that worked for one night. All the following nights we still had that lovely 4am scream.

During that same time I had joined a few mommy groups on Facebook. There was all this chatter about Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, and the mommies would exclaim “it really is magic!” I saw pictures and I just kept thinking this contraption is so odd looks so hot and I moved on. But the suit would come up again and again, and I decided to do a little more research.