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LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

LuLaRoe Lovers Welcome + LuLaCash GIVEAWAY!

Ever think you yourself “My life is just not busy enough?” No? Well, I’m all about that hustle, to a fault. Like, I feel guilty each moment I’m not doing something to further my career, blog presence or help my family. Perhaps it’s a mom thing. Maybe I’m just a born entrepreneur? In any case, on top of my full-time job, full-time blog and full-time wife/mother gigs, I’ve become a LuLaRoe Retailer.

Eshakti, the Internet's Best Kept Secret

Eshakti, the Internet’s Best Kept Secret

Do you have a website go-to when it comes to buying a dress for a special occasion? We all have our favorite haunts, and typically they are brick and mortar stores where we can actually try on the clothes. Let’s face it, buying from an internet store feels risky. You don’t know hat the quality of the fabric will be like or if the clothes will fit on the larger or small side of your dress size. Well, let me tell you, as a friend, if you have not tried out Eshakti, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Target Black Friday List

My Target Black Friday List

It’s Thanksgiving Week, and in my house, that means Black Friday is coming. For me, Black Friday doesn’t really happen unless it’s a Target Black Friday. Any good shopper knows that if you’re in Target on Black Friday, you must check any online deals before you purchase an item in the store. You are likely to find free shipping and possibly a cheaper price for the same item.

The Ultimate Etsy Chanukah Gift Guide

The Ultimate Etsy Chanukah Gift Guide

This year, Chanukah collides with Christmas, and that may leave you feeling like you have plenty of time to buy all you Chanukah gifts, but don’t be fooled. The Festival of Lights will come sooner than you know it, and if you wait to shop until December, you’ll be fighting crowds and lines and Christmas music to buy for everyone on your list. That’s why I’m giving you a head-start with the Ultimate Etsy Chanukah Gift Guide for 2016.

NC Dining Room

My North Carolina Dining Room

Hey, so you want to see my house?! I thought you might. Today on parade we have my dining room, which was actually the first room to be put together – probably because it’s the simplest? In North Carolina, people typically have a formal dining room and an eat-in kitchen. The formal dining room is usually hardly used. Well, I didn’t want that to be the case. We do use out formal dining room at least once a week for Shabbat.

My Latest Obsession: Miniature Clothes

I know. My last post was about a baby shower and the one before that was a maternity shoot. But I don’t want anyone getting any ideas. My hubs and I aren’t getting on the baby train any time soon. When you reach a certain age, all your friends are having babies. I resisted the urge to engage for a long time, but the closer the preggo friend, the more you want to do nice things for her (and the more you want to be SUPER involved in the baby’s life).

It all started when I wanted to make a quilt for the babe (who is yet to make an appearance, but is ready to do so at any moment). I asked the parents for old clothes I could use to cut up, ’cause, you know, memories and such. Well, R&A couldn’t come up with any clothes they were willing to part with, so I did the next logical thing. I told myself “Hey, I’ll just make some baby clothes and use the fabric from that to make the quilt!” What’s more work, right?