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DIY Twinkle Light Lanterns Tutorial

Looking to make your twinkle lights a little more festive, perhaps for a summer party? DIY Wednesday to the rescue! I have a fun, easy, and inexpensive project that will instantly make any celebration more cheery. Welcome to my DIY Twinkle Light Lanterns Tutorial! WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Small clear disposable cups. All-purpose spray adhesive. Assorted colors of tissue paper. You will also need a sharp knife (or an exact-o knife) and some scissors. DIRECTIONS: With a sharp knife or an exact-o knife, make two cuts in the bottom of each cup creating an “X”. Cut your Tissue paper into 1″ strips that are able to reach around the cup. Spray each cup with the adhesive, and wrap the tissue paper around, cutting away the excess. This is what it should look like. Pop a twinkle light through the “X” shaped cuts you made and you’ve got a lantern. Easy as pie! Yay, festive… šŸ™‚