Month: October 2010

Anthro Giveaway! (for reals.)

Go to this girl’s blog.  I’ve been following it for a while.  I love Anthro, she loves Anthro.  There’s some Anthro love going around.  šŸ™‚

Coffee Bean Cares

I “like” the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Facebook, so naturally, my “like” association causes their updates to show up on my newsfeed.  I was taken aback when an update came up with the last name of someone “Levasheff”.  Levasheff is the name of my Resident Directors for my dorm (Hart Hall… what, WHAT!) my freshman year of college. What I found in the post was an incredible tear-jerking story about their little boy who has since passed and their fond memories of him at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  It turns out Christina Levasheff designed a CBTL gift card in memory of her son.  Please, please read her story, but most importatly, VOTE FOR HER!!! See Christina’s story below as posted on the Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Facebook page: When I was visiting a Coffee Bean this September, Drake handed me a postcard that said “Share Your Coffee Bean Story by Designing a Gift Card,” and my hubby declared, “You should do this!” Several precious memories of my times with Judson …

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, for starters, I’m trying a different layout for the blog.  Blah. Second, I have started on a new venture.  I call this “Rebecca”: Headbands.  All hand-made by me.  Soon available on Etsy, but for now here’s a teaser:


Sorry folks, I took an unexpected hiatus.  I finally cracked though.  I gave in.  Got internet for the house, novel idea right? Anyway, I’ll be back to manic blogging in no time.  For now, check out this awesome menorah from West Elm.  Me Likes! Happy weekend everybody, cheers!