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DIY Bunting Place Cards Tutorial

Oh, I just love my DIY bunting place cards. Place cards just make an event to personal and special, don’t you agree? The person touch is especially evident when names are written by hand and each little seat marker shows the effort of the host. Oh, hey there – in case you didn’t know you’ve landed on DIY Wednesday! Do you want to do some crafts? I do!


What you will need:

Card stock
white fabric (such as muslin)
hot glue gun + glue
and a sharpie (your choice of color)
First, measure out and mark how large you want your place cards to be. I wanted the actual face of the place care to be 2″ x 3″, and you folder the place card in half, so I cut out 4″ x 3″ rectangles.

Count out how many letters you are going to need, and cut out as many diamond shapes to correspond with the letters. You will be folding these diamonds in half.

Place a dab of hot glue on one side of the diamond, and fold the top over the yarn, gluing the other half of the diamond to itself. That was a confusing sentence, but you see what I mean, right?

Write name of your guest using one flag per letter of their name in the sharpie pen you had handy.

Cut two holes in the back of the place card. Thread the yarn through those two holes. In the front of the place card make sure the name is centered and tie a bow at one of the corners. Glue down the rest of the bunting to the front of the place card.

And there you have it people. Super cute, super special. It’s these little details that show through, so be careful not to neglect them!  Hugs, and kisses until next Wendesday! ~ Miri

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