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Review: 3rd Annual Slumdog Pesach (Part 2)

Last week I reviewed the pre-party preparations, but what’s a party without guests?
Thank G-d for Smart and Final! I love these tin service deals with the flame underneath! It made an authentic Indian buffet experience without the food poisoning. On one side I put the not so spicy dishes and on the other side the spicy(er) dishes. As always I put rice to the side for those who eat rice during Pesach as well as an Israeli Salad.

Here’s what I served with a link to the recipe:

I also had the signature Slumdog Pesach Sour Apple Martinis, but this year, because we were drinking out of mason jars, I made a big martini mixture in a serving carafe.

I have a large apartment for a Los Angeles 1 bedroom, but people still express their concern when I talk about a sit-down party with 16 people. But I can do it! I knew I could do it from the beginning, and there was just enough room.

Check out Jon, ladies. He’s single! 

Here is the bunting and stars in all their glory. So pretty! And I still have yet to take the bunting down.

For a Palate cleanser I served everyone the Watermelon Mint Soda Floats, and for dessert, the amaze-balls Chocolate Torte with Parve Coconut Whipped Cream.

It turned out to be a really great party this year, and best of all my air conditioning was working, so I could close the doors and the cops did not get called. Woot!

Before I sign out for today, check out these beautiful lilies my friend Janna bought me. They were so beautiful while they lasted and made my house smell unbelievable.  Thanks Janna!

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