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New Year’s News!


I’m not going to start this blog post by apologizing for not posting a heck of a lot. I’VE BEEN BUSY! Anyway, I wanted to share some news with you – I’m getting hitched! Matt and I met 7 years ago on Myspace (yes, Myspace). We dated back then, lost touch, got back to together in 2011, and now we’re tying the knot June 16, 2013! I am very excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I suppose it goes without saying that there should be several party DIY posts to follow this one, as well as some recipes I’ve kept in my back pocket the last few months.

This post is not just about my exciting news; it’s also about my very talented photographer, Jacob from Live Your Life Photography. You can visit his site at www.lylphotography.com. I’ve know this guy for quite some time. He’s a true mensch, and really made us feel at ease during our engagement photo shoot. We chose Union Station, as the iconice architecture and fun vibes can’t be beat. I’ve posted some of my favorite shots below – so excited to see how the wedding photos will turn out!

In light of my pending nuptials, I have only made one New Year’s resolution: I will not, under any circumstances, diet. As someone who has struggled with body image my whole life, this is quite a commitment, but I think at times like these, when the biggest concern tends to be “how will I look in my wedding dress?” – I want to be focused on something else: “How will I look in my marriage?” Also, good, old-fashioned working out never hurt anyone. šŸ™‚

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